Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2001 19:45:57 +0100
Subject: white folders versus orange books

Robert Holly + Devinder Grewal
thks for your inputs, enjoyed Devinder's story abt the BMW-dealer putting up
'a good show', something which many of us have experienced and that's 
exactly why you need the a.m. literature, just give them the part-no and ask
to start their PC, that will do the trick -
Robert, the part nos you gave me are for the M.T. 'white folders' ! see also
the msg from Devinder about his purchase for USD 45/each. 
Art Wegweiser has already told the story abt 'white folder' versus 'orange
and I agree that the 'loose sheet-system' of the folders has certain advantages
for photocopying etc., however and that's why the orange books are superior.
Although released in '96 (?) by the M.T. the 'white folders' are based on the
7/73 part micro-films and are basicly for the 2800 + 3.0 CS and in the
introduction it also says 'face-lift models and the 3.0 CSi have been incl up to
print-deadline' = which means 1973 !!!
thereby excluding a lot of 'face-lift-model'-parts, 3.0 CSiL-parts and of course
the 2.5 CS entirely (I am aware of the 'added pages', I have and use them) 
still = 'long live the -orange books-' !! 
= they are based on the 4/75 parts-micro-films
- makes you wonder what the M.T. is up to ?? let's put it this way, there are a
  lot of people trying to do a good job, if only management would let them -

Karl (CS-register-Sweden)

Try part number 01090035233 and 01090035234.  I believe those are the reprint 
numbers for the 'Orange books'.  If you need help finding them let me know.

Robert Holly
From: Devinder Grewal <>
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Sent: Monday, February 05, 2001 3:48 AM
Subject: Re: SV: Tech Books

> I'll add my experience to this thread.  I just got the 2 volume parts 
> catalog from my BMW dealer (Weatherford BMW in Berkeley, CA).
> Initially, they put on a pretty good show about how I unreasonably burdened 
> them by making them look through old service bullitens to find the right 
> part numbers. This was accompanied by a lot of gruff page flipping and calls 
> to the back room.  After they realized that I was willing to wait out the 
> little show, one of the guys entered the part number from the cover of their 
> copy into the computer.  Sure enough it worked and I had my own set in 2 
> days.
> Part numbers are 01 09 0 035 233 for vol 1 and 234 for vol 2. I paid $45 
> each.  I have not seen the "orange books" so I don't know about the 
> differences, but the dealer uses the white binders.  I also have the MT 
> parts CDROM and the contents appear to be indentical.  The print version is 
> much better because the drawings are very clear.  The CDROM has low 
> resolution scans from microfilm.
> Devinder
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> >Subject: SV: Tech Books
> >Date: Sun, 4 Feb 2001 22:56:59 +0100
> >
> >Hi again Robert !
> >'orange books' available from 'Mobile Tradition' ?? = 'to good to be true' 
> >!
> >can I ask 'M.T.' about it ?  will they know what I refer to ??
> >do you have the 'parts no' by any chance (as u know BMW sell you anything
> >without asking silly questions by simply presenting a 'parts no')
> >
> >brgds
> >Karl (CS-register-Sweden)
> >************************************