From: Mike and Marci Clarkenfields
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001
Subject: Highly TECH/3.5 head

> Can valve seals be changed w/out cam removal? Just slide rockers aside?

Uh, that was a slip-up.

There is a process to pulling the rocker shafts that is kind of involved.
Bear with me as I don't have a head in front of me to work off of. Clean the
valve train. Pick a rear shaft. Pull the back cover off. Clean the valve
train again. Pop ALL of the rocker shaft circlips off. Rotate the cam so
the rocker arm closest to the center of the head is not under tension.Make
sure that all of your head bolts are out. Stick an allen wrench or
screwdriver (depending on the age) into the plug in the rocker shaft and try
to rotate the shaft. Liberal quantities of liquid wrench and a rocker shaft
that is as cleans as humanly possible helps. Once you get the shaft freed up
and rotating freely, try to "unscrew" the rocker shaft out of the back of
the head. This is a bitchy process, since one of the rocker arms will still
be under tension, and if the PO was not careful, the shaft will probably
have a burr in it where the head bolt goes though the tower. Work the shaft
out just far enough to get the rocker arm out. Now rotate the cam so the
lobe is pointing to the rocker arm that is now missing. Now it gets a whole
bunch easier to pull the shaft free. Watch out for flying rocker arm
springs! Once you get the first one out, things get a bit easier, but it is
easy to f*up a bunch of parts if you don't have the sequence down right.
Probably better to leave it all together and shove the rockers aside if
there is enough room, and do one valve at a time. Hope that this doesn't get
anybody in trouble, take your time and rotate the cam through a few
revolutions till you get a picture of the process. Once the back rocker
shafts are out, I think you have to pull the cam sprocket and retainer to
get the front rocker shafts out, cause once you start pulling the rocker
shaft out, you can't turn the cam. Good Luck!


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