From: Ulf Hjelm
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001
Subject: RE: Sunroof seal


There are three seals for the sunroof - two cloth covered (referred to
as "velvet cleats" in my parts manual) and one rubber.

The front cloth covered seal is fairly stiff, about 1/2" in width
and has a cross section like a "P" (1/2" up the straight
part of the P). It attaches to the trailing edge of the stationary
roof just inside the opening and above the 'gutter'. It covers the
front and most of the sides.

The small cloth covered seal is a little smaller - about 3/8" tall,
more flexible, and has a cross section like an "i" (i.e. the top cord
is not flattened to one side). The sliding part of the roof has a rear
lip or ledge (2-3" wide). The seal attaches to the lip at the end of
the visible part of the sliding roof (not the end of the ledge). The
seal covers the rear and 2-3" of the sides.

When attached properly these seals should be flush with the top of
the roof. These seals will not keep the water out completely. They
just slow the flow so that the drains attached to the gutter don't
over-flow. So, while you are at it, clean the drains and make sure
that they don't empty into the chassis! My car has four tubes - 2 that
follow the front pillars, and two that flow back and drain behind the
rear wheel-well. You will have to loosen the headliner if a test shows
any water.
I understand that some drains empty into interior cavities of the chassis
(those Karman guys are a riot). I suspect that evolution (aka rust) make
this a rare setup.

There is a third, rubber, seal that I attaches to the inside of the
roof above the trailing ledge of the sliding part. It is as long as the
opening is wide, and 2-3" wide.

My CS parts book has numbers 54-12-1-801-431 and 54-12-1-801-343 for
the velvet cleats.
Carl at La Jolla Independent sent me:
Front cloth 54-12-9-734-130 (appears to be for 02/E3/E9)
Rear cloth 54-12-9-734-131
Rubber 54-12-1-801-211


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Subject: Sunroof seal

Can someone please tell me where does the rear seal attach to? Back of the
sunroof panel or under the roof opening in the back? Just for clarification;
The front seal attaches to roof panel opening and not the sunroof panel,
right? Thanks,