From: BMW Bits
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001
Subject: RE: Wheel Restoration

Great money $aving advice .
Suggestion...have the wheels bead-blasted (NOT sand-too aggressive !)to
strip old paint , then use an ETCHING primer , then do the paint bit .
For even closer to orig look , will tell you where to buy their
($$$) paint & primer .
ETCHING primer is essential with alum'n as the surface of ALL the World's
alum is covered by a thin layer of Al OXIDE the moment it comes out of the
vacuum melter and meets oxygen . Al oxide is very inert so stuff doesnt
stick to it very well .
Bill Proud 'alum'n bender' in Seattle 33 yrs.

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From: Roger D Wray
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Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2001 1:06 AM
Subject: Wheel Restoration

If your wheels are in great condition, why don't you just paint them.
Yes, you can spend a lot of $$$$$$$$$$ on them, but here is another way
- to make them look great, have some fun doing it, and saving some money
in the process.

1. Make sure your wheels are clean. Prep with a pre-paint prep. If you
are not sure they are ready for paint, go over them with some steel wool.
2. Paint them with Rustoleum Aluminum spray paint. Put on 2 - 3 coats.
3. Spray the wheel with Krylon Crystal Clear spray paint.

That's it. Total cost for 4 wheels - less than 10 bucks. I have painted
several CS wheels this way, and everyone has wondered what paint shop did
the work. Cheap, looks great, and lasts (I had another set of wheels
painted this way and they looked just as good 9 years later that the day
I did them). Another benefit - if you ever scratch or scuff them, you
can simply touch them up. I guarantee that if you try this method, you
will like it!!