From: Roger D Wray
Date: Tue, 1 May 2001

Keep your original springs, but remove the spacer above the front springs. Simply put the car up on jack stands, put a jack under the suspension or wheel on the side you want to remove the spacer, put a little pressure on the tire to take the weight off the 3 nuts on the strut, remove the 3 nuts, lower the wheel/suspension on that side, remove the spacer, and jack the wheel back up realigning the 3 studs into the holes. DO NOT FORGET TO SHORTEN THE 3 STUDS,OR YOU MAY DAMAGE YOUR HOOD. Another great tip is to replace your front sway bar with the larger one from a CSi.

If your rear springs sag, replace them with original springs available from the usual sources.

Your car will look great, drive great, and retain that super CS ride.