From: Pat Hines
Date: Sat, 05 May 200
Subject: Report on EBC Greenstuff pads

	As promised long ago, here's my subjective opinion on EBC Greenstuff pads.

	About a month ago I change all my pads, not really worn passed the 60%
level, with new EBC pads since I had acquired sets for the front (not
listed on EBC's page) and had finally acquired the correct set for the
rear of the car.

	EBC lists pads for the mid-'70's 630-633CSi models, and as we all know
the calipers on our Cars, the ones with vented disc's that is, are the
same as the later 6-series with the exception of the wear sensor wires.
So you buy EBC pad number DP2753 and cut the sensor wires off flush with
the pad material.

	For the rear brakes pad number DP2105 is the correct one, again for
vented rotors.

	I'm a believer in using the disc's unturned, if you must take a disc
off because it has grooves in it so deep that turning is required, it
should be replaced, again that's just my opinion, and is subjective.

	My disc's were in good condition, the front's were in excellent
condition, the rear's in OK condition, IOW the rear disc's were smooth
but have the apprearance of having been turned so that disc thickness is
near the lower limit.  I've since bought new Balo rear disc's so the
next pad change will see their installation.

	The using.

	These pads are good, no, make that excellent; reducing pedal pressure
requirements substantially.  I have to say I like them alot and they
bear evaluating by others.  I will be installing them again, I've
installed them on my wife's Acura Integra which had major soft pedal
problems solved by the pad exchange and full brake system bleeding.

	Here's a more subjective issue, pad squeal.  These pads are fairly
quiet, squealing only when cold, and occaisionally in bumper to bumper
traffic, but only just before a full stop is achieved.  I decided to see
how quiet they were without anti-squeal being applied, so if this is an
issue for anyone there is an easy solution.  Personally, if the squeal
is stable, not worsening with pad wear, then I can live with it.
Others may not tolerate any noise from their brakes, and those folks
should use the anti-squeal stuff.

	I bought the pads from Brake Parts Company  (no personal affiliation).