Date: Wed, 30 May 2001
Subject: Re: Fans, Seals and Speakers

> is there anything else I can/should do while I'm (or rather, Hermann)
is in there?

Having been there & done that, tranny has to come out, so:

Clutch area:

1. Rear oil seal (reason for being there, but make sure they don't forget
2. Pilot bearing ($10 part, but major PITA to remove without correct
tool, and if you don't, you'll be doing this whole job again)
3. surface the flywheel ($60 in machine work, but your NEW clutch will
love you for it)
4. Clutch, meaning disc, pressure plate, and throw out bearing ($2-300)
5. check the slave cylander ($75)
6. Also a good time to replace the clutch master cylander, since with the
tranny out, you can get to it.


1. Replace the rear seal (may not be leaking now, but why wait? Part is
$15, and it's a 10 minute job.) BTW, FRONT tranny seals, almost NEVER
fail, don't waste $$ replacing it.
2. replace the gear shift seal (see note on 1., but with more emphasis!!
Only part is $5)
3. Tranny mounts ($20 each)
4. Shifter mounts (the rubber thingies with the bolt holes thru them
$$Don't know, but they couldn't be much)
5. Shifter (Get yourself the shifter from an M ROADSTER; $38 from your
dealer. Instant short shifter, and it's great.)

Drive shaft:

1. New GUIBO!
2. Put on a new center bearing (may not need one, but it will go, and
when it does, it'll strain your new GUIBO and your OLD u-joints.

Replace your motor mounts. They're $25 each, and with the car
disassembled the way it is now, it'll be worth it.

While you're under there, replace the Diff mount. Again, $75, but simple
to do, and worth ever penny.

If you actually do this, which I DID do to my E3 several years ago, you
will have a car that is close to the way, ride wise, to the way it left
the factory. Since most of the parts are relatively inexpensive (clutch
excluded), and have to be put back on anyway if you replace the tranny,
you might as well put back new parts. And you will not beleive the

And if you replace the shifter with the M Roadster part, you won't get
tennis elbow shifting.............