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Subject :  M-Roadster shifter instructions
Date :  Fri, 3 Aug 2001 08:48:26 -0400

From the E-30 guys. I realize that this was done on a 318, but the
instructions aren't much different for e-3 & e-9's.


I had read on here before about replacing your factory shift lever with
an M-roadster shift lever. This is supposed to be a cheaper solution to
buying a SS kit from say UUC Motorwerks. I work at a BMW dealership so I
purchased one for about $30 my cost ($50 anybody elses cost) and decided
to install it and give it a try.The two levers are exactly the same
lengthwise, but the distance between the ball and the bearing where it
connects to the tranny linkage are farther apart. When you take out the
boot, and look inside you will see the rubber protective boot. You will
need to remove the rubber boot to take out the shift lever. Underneath
the rubber boot you will see the ball I am talking about. Around it will
be a white plastic cowling type piece. VERY CAREFULLY remove this piece
by trying to twist it out. be careful as not to break this. It may be
easier to remove if you unhook the lever from the linkeage underneath
first. That easily unhooks. The new shifter when placed in will sit much
lower. When put back together, the linkeage will ride VERY close to the
drive shaft ( i can barely fit a finger between the two!)but its nothing
to be concerned about ( so far that I can tell) The new throw will be
EXTREMELY shorter than what stock was. Especially if your shifter had
alot of play to begin with. Whether the shifter eliminates play or not I
couldnt tell you. My shifter didnt have much to begin with. Place
everything back together as it was when you took it apart with the new
shift lever in place. Make sure the rubber boot is completely back where
it is supposed to. This protects that area from water and dirt. Shifting
may seem stiff at first, but with a little work it will loosen up a
little. Good luck to everyone else who tries this. BTW, I installed this
on a 91 318i.