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Subject :  Re: FAQ's for 4->5sp conversion?
Date :  Tue, 18 Sep 2001 15:17:15 -0700
Well, I used to have it memorized, but here goes.

4 to 5 speed is easy, especially since you have the tranny lying there.
Question: Does it have a bellhousing? You'll need that. Good known candidates

- 1980-1981 528i, 633csi, 733i
- 1985 535i

You'll also want to replace the following:

- throwout bearing
- pilot bearing
- crank rear main seal (which you know about already)
- clutch

Other new parts you'll need:

- E12 5-speed trans support (big metal thing under trans)
- E12 trans rubber mounts (2 of them I think)
- E12 5-speed clutch slave
- E12 5-speed clutch slave hydraulic line
- E12 guibo

You'll need to get your driveshaft shortened. While they do that, they'll want
to rebuild it, which is fine. Should run about $300. I had mine done at some
place in Berkeley. I'll have to look it up, or you can call Bill Arnold at
415.459.2697. Basically, you shorten the front half, I think, 3.75 inches or 99
millimeters, I forget which. Someone on the list can tell you.

It all goes together the way you think it would. Some wacky parts:

1. shift tower - some mix and match here. It mostly all goes together. Now is
the time to do a short shift kit, in whichever manner you choose. You should
also use a bolt at the rear of the platform to attach it to the driveshaft
tunnel, for strength. I can show you mine.

2. clutch line - use the E3 and the E12 lines together to reach the clutch

3. speedo cable needs to be re-routed. It will reach, but just barely.

I'm probably forgetting something, but that's about it.


Michael Harper wrote:

> Dr Bush, I believe, has this memorized.  All the way down to how many in/mm
> to shorten the drive shaft.
> Take it away, Dr Bush....
> Michael
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> Subject: FAQ's for 4->5sp conversion?
> > I'm looking for FAQ's or articles for the five-speed conversion on a
> 4-speed
> > E3.  I have a main seal which is leaking a bit plus my transmission is
> > starting to make more noise if the clutch is out, and the clutch should be
> > changed anyway, and I have this 265 5-speed sitting here, so... well, why
> > not.
> >
> > I found this FAQ for an automatic
> > but is there something
> for
> > 4->5sp with a parts list and instructions?  Thanks,
> >
> > -Andrey
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