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Subject :  Re: Dash removal
Date :  Wed, 03 Oct 2001 00:28:39 -0700

Dash removal is not all that hard IF you have the windshield removed having done
it both ways.  As I recall, the dash top is held on with spring clips that you
just pull up but it is screwed to the instrument hood which, in turn, is bolted
to the sheet metal behind it.  The nuts for this can be accessed from below with
the under dash panels off.  The defroster vents have to removed as well as I
recall.  Getting these back in with the windshield in place was quite a trick to
say the least.  Getting them out was hard enough.  The knee pad is unscrewed
after pulling off the aluminum trim pieces with your fingers.  The horizontal
and vertical portions of the wood dash come out as a unit after unscrewing it
from below at the glove box and to the left of the instrument cluster.  There
may be a third screw under there but it would be easy to find.  Can't remember
if there are small screws holding it along the top but it will be obvious with
the dash pads off.  Get your new windshie!
ld gasket from Paul at Maximilian.  Don't reuse the old one.  Good luck.

Jim Ockner

>>> "TJ" <> 10/02/01 22:46 PM >>>
The most dreaded of all tasks.............a while back some wise lister
posted a rather detailed set of instructions on removal of the dash.  I
don't remember who it was, and like an ijut I did not save it.  Does
anyone know who wrote this document is or where it might be?  I could
surely use some help as I'm about to undertake this mammoth project so I
can refinish the wood and hopefully get the dash top re-covered.  Brings
me to my next question, anyone have any positive experiences having
cracked dash tops/components recovered?  I'm assuming that NOS parts are
NLA or cost more than late model Z3s.


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