From: Devinder
Date: Wed, Oct 3, 2001
Subject: sway bar


Sorry couldn't find my previous message so I'll try to recal the info again.

The E12 and early E24 front sway bars are the same part. The front frame rails on these cars are about 1" further apart than on an E3/E9, but the end-link locations are the same. So, the E12/E24 sway bar rubs the inside of the frame rails on an E3/E9.

The mounts are a bit difficult too. The 24mm mounts are different on an E12 and an early E24. I had to cut the E12 mounts about 3/16" shorter and elongate the bolt hole in a mill. I think the E24 mounts might fit better. The E3 optional 23mm mounts will bolt right up, but in that case you may as well use the E3 bar also.

Call or write if you any more questions.