From : 
Alexander Vogel <>
To :  Se~nor Six <>
Subject :  Flasher Revisited-Warning: Info May be Useful
Date :  Tue, 22 Jan 2002 10:55:36 -0500

I have just successfuly Rehabbed the flasher sys. on my '72 Bav. Here
Are some of the things I did:

1) Rear Light base panel: I found that there was alot of resistance
between the bulb holder and mutipin connector blades. This turned out to
be the staked joint at the pin. Solution was to restake the pin with a
self firing center punch. Do all the other ones while you are at it,
just for giggles

2) Front turn signal assemblys: Prone to corosion from the rear, so...
Get good ones. Available new through BMW $$. All the left hand ones I
had (5) were junk. Got to love salt!

3) Test system with Hazard switch: If it works, great, next step. If not
check fuse, swap out switch and make sure it is plugged in! (doh!) If
these fail go through normal mind melt with electrical troubleshooting
and find out where some JA spliced in an alarm system. Then swap flaher

4) Now see if stalk works. Happily at this point if the stalk does not
react to impetus you can safely isolate this costly item as the culprit
and replace it.

If after going through this routine they still do not work ... then try
something else, I guess.

FWIW this car has a nice blue hella blinker can PN: 4db003 425-00

And, BTW, Does anybody know when the little light for the ignition is
supposed to go on?

Oh yeah, And I think we should have a Northeast meet somewhere...In the


Alex Vogel