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Date :  Sat, 26 May 2001 11:50:48 +0200

Try Dynamat from  4 or 5 different flavors and they also
sell a type that is a heat shield.  The best prices I had found too.

I put in Dynamat, used a silicone sealer for all the edges,  then added a
real good rubber carpet underlayment - called Black Magic.  My car is tomb

Fasteners can still be found.  You might call GAHH in Calif. Use Zinc coated
screws and tar/undercoat them after you have put them through floor.


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> I'm planning or removing my interior in a couple weeks and doing battle
> with some rust, finally replacing all the carpet with the correct color,
> installing a new stereo, and speakers. I'm sure there's some other stuff
> that i'm going to end up doing also to, as the problems rear their ugly
> head.
> Questions:
> I want to pull up all of the crazy insulation stuff on the floor with
> the tar-cardboard backing thing, cause I'm sure there rust under there.
> What have people used as a replacement? Anything that isn't going to
> hold water so well against the metal floor pan?
> Is there any kind of heat resistant insulation out there that would keep
> the cabin from getting hot after about an hour of driving, or should I
> just tune up my car again?
> Carpet fasteners. Can you still get those "snap" carpet holders? Is
> there something better that's not going to corrode and stain the carpet
> and break off in the floor when you try to remove them?
> Does anyone have the old-style (pre horns) rear headrests in Tabacco? I
> know this is a crazy shot in the dark for those, but maybe someone has a
> parts car...
> What kind of luck have people had with fixing their cracked dash's.
> Since 99% or E3 dashes are cracked, what successes have people had
> repairing them? What products have been used? The off the shelf stuff
> from Pep Boys? Something out there that is better?
> I'm hoping to paint my b-pillars to match the Tabacco interior since the
> ones from this interior are for non-retracting seatbelts don't fit. I'm
> figuring that painting them isn't going to be bad because they are
> mostly hidden by the seats, and no one is sitting on them, etc. Anyone
> recommend a good vinyl paint?
> I'm sure this is going to be another FUN E3 experience. I'm actually
> kind of excited though, cause this will probably be the first major
> undertaking with this car that's isn't a repair to keep it
> running/stopping/shifting/etc.
> Thanks in advance.
> Jim Potsch
> SSR 186