From : 
Richard Conway <>
To :  Cameron Holliday <>
CC :  CS Coupe <>, SR6 <>
Subject :  Re: Driveshaft Rebuilds
Date :  Tue, 19 Jun 2001 19:40:31 -0500

My experience with driveshafts is to forget trying to rebuild stock type
BMW driveshafts. Find a big truck driveshaft shop. Take them an old BMW
shaft and they will build a new, finely balanced new driveshaft with
"Spicer" U-joints. These u-joints are available all over North America
are strong as an ox, inexpensive and any shop around North America can
replace the u-joints in just a few minutes. This has worked wonderfully
on my 450 HP twin turbo intercooled CSL for the last 65,000 street/track
miles and it has worked just as well for the past 15 years in my "werks"
LeMans class winning CSL while historic racing around the USA. Oh, it is
cheaper than rebuilding a stock type BMW shaft and can have the u-joints
replaced indefinitely for a pittance.

Richard Conway

Cameron Holliday wrote:

> Hi Groupes, anyone want to share their experiences with either of the
> driveshaft rebuilder in the Roundel. One in Oregon and the other in
> Atlanta. I need new U-joints in the M3s driveshaft and I don't know
> which to use. Any input would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> Cam