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Subject :  Re: CAUTION! C-pillar Rondel Removal
Date :  Mon, 23 Jul 2001 14:35:53 EDT
    Be VERY careful that when you first slip a blade under the inner center
of the insignia, you don't bend it too much in trying to lift it.  If you are
lucky enough to have the old cloisonne emblem assemblies, lifting it entirely
from one side will break the glass in a heartbeat.  But it does have to be
lifted out and will come away if you slowly work a small knife or screwdriver
blade around the outer edge lifting slightly all the way around as you go.
Then, when it's separated well from the rest of the assembly, lift it the
rest of the way out.  This will reveal two screws that hold the rest of the
chrome part of the assembly to the C-pillar.  Unscrew these and the chrome
outer part comes off. Leaving just the C-pillar which you will see needs a
good cleaning underneath the emblem assembly.
                                            DL Magel