From : 
"Michael Harper" <>
To :  "Seniorsix" <>
CC :  "Kent Girard" <>
Subject :  RE: '73 Bavaria (AC)
Date :  Fri, 3 Aug 2001 10:44:18 -0700

> > My A/C is NG... I thought it might be a good time to upgrade
> from R12 - any
> > thoughts on this change?
> Michael Harper has just gone through an AC change of life. E28 ingredients
> combined with R12 in a tangy E3 crust. He'll be writing a FAQ,
> won't you, Dr.
> Harper?

Here's how I fixed my leaky R12 system by upgrading it to R134:
1) Upgrade carburetted fuel delivery system to Motronic.
2) Install limited slip diff
3) Install new suspension
4) Install electric windows, door locks, and mirrors.
5) Upgrade AC system to R134:
a) Open account at Grainger.
b) Shoehorn E28 blower, evaporator, and resistance into E3 airbox.
c) Splice E28 blower switch and AC on/off switch into E3 AC harness (with
proper OE connectors, of course)
d) Mount E28 AC on/off switch horizontally into OE AC console where the
words "Air Conditioning" used to be
e) Mount new accumulator behind passenger side headlamp bucket
f) Measure for and send away for all new hoses from San Diego
g) Receive new hoses
h) Mark new hoses for massive modification
i) Go to local AC shop were it turns out they aren't idiots and have hoses
j) Spend day before vacation installing new hoses and rewiring these cool
new "safety switches" into circuit
k) Have system vacuum leaked and realize you didn't tighten one of these
cool new "safety switches"
l) Wait a couple of days to try again
m) Test system, charge system, and marvel at the fact that it now cools air
for the first time in two years and the car didn't self-destruct.
n) Figure out how to make it *cryogenic* for next summer.

Probably the coolest part of this whole system is that when the AC is turned
on, the idle control module bumps the idle about 150 RPM.  I'm such a freak.

Easy, huh?