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Subject :  Idiot lights, again
Date :  Sun, 16 Sep 2001 13:30:18 -0400
Idiot lights, again
Correct - the "L" (red), otherwise called "Batterieladung" reports alternator charging. If on when the engine is running you have an alternator problem, a voltage regular problem, or the drive belt is broken or seriously slipping.

The "O" (orange), otherwise called "Oldruck" indicates low oil pressure. If on, when engine running, shut down at once. It also is alleged to function as a turn indicator for a trailer. (But tow your camper or boat with an SUV.)

The "T" (white), otherwise called "Tanke" is a warning that your fuel is really low. I know of no way to test it other than running the tank down to white knuckle level on a street that has gas stations on every corner. Last (and only) time mine went on I had about 2 gallons. The tank was clean so I didn't suck up any muck.

The "F" (blue), otherwise called "Fernlicht" indicate high beams are on.

The green blinking thing, otherwise called "Blinker" indicates a turn signal is on but doesn't let you know which side (another few pfennig saved in design).
It also blinks when the emergency flashers are on - as does the button below and alongside the steering wheel.

And while we're there, the red light in your tach ("B" for "Bremsen") shows low brake fluid level, or hand brake not fully down, bad float/switch in fluid reservoir or a sticky switch at the handbrake lever.

It is probably wise for us to get back to Coupe and E3 business as much and as
soon as possible.
All of us everywhere have been deeply touched and will be profoundly affected for a very long time to come.

We especially share in the grief of those whose friends or relatives are gone.
We quietly rejoice for those that have been rescued or that may have come close
but been spared.
We fervently hope that, despite our rage, sorrow and frustration, the dead will be honored by thoughtful and reasoned words and actions. That both ordinary citizens and our leaders, uphold the principles of democracy, honor the most noble traditions of our great Nation and renounce repeating the errors, the shameful and the sometimes evil acts into which we, collectively and individually, have stumbled in the past.

To do otherwise, means the fiends responsible for this have already won.


At 8:10 AM +0200 9/16/01, bart wrote:
The L stands for 'Lager" (not the beer, but the german word that meens capacity or something) and indicates that you have a nasty problem with your alternator not filling up anymore or other elecronical problems...
amsterdam, netherlands
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Van: Gary
Verzonden: zaterdag 15 september 2001 22:36
Onderwerp: Idiot lights, again

OK, one more time for those who are owners manual-challenged and failed to write down this information as it passed through the various threads over the past months:
What are the indicators of these idiot lights on the fuel/temp display?
O - at the 10:00 position (Oil pressure?)
L - at the 2:00 position ???
T - at the 8:00 position (gas getting low - REALLY!) ?
F - at the 4:00 position  (battery charging ?)
My "L" light has come on this morning and I need to know if I have some work to do today - am off to the NW tour tomorrow!