Posted by Paul (at Maximillian) on February 29, 2000 at 13:40:45:

I have started posting tech tips for the 2002 message board and since I have spent a few dozen hours reassembling a CS recently - I can share some information about easily do-it-yourself replacement items. I spent a few hours last night installing sunroof felt gasketing. It was a bit tricky - but here are some tips that will help others:

1. Use Super glue GEL (not the runny thin stuff). BMW sells superglue as OE sunroof seal cement - and I have found it to work better than the 3M adhesive on this application.

2. You can install the front seal without removing the panel - but you'll have to open it and eventually tilt it later on to do the rear.

3. Start at one end and leave a bit (about 1") extra felt trailing toward the back of the car. Glue only about 2"-3" at a time. Hold firmly until it sets up and start on the next few inches.

4. Make sure that the extra material trailing inside the roof at the end is glued down also (underneath the roof line / behind the opening).

5. Allow to completely dry (24hrs.) before closing roof.

OK Now the rear seal. This seal glues to the moveable PANEL - NOT the roof of the car - so it's a bit trickier since there is very little room to work.

1. Pry leading edge of interior upholstered panel down (careful! Its NLA and distorts easily!!!)

2. There are only 4 or 5 clips holding it to the moveable metal panel. Once it's loose - SLIDE it back into the roof while the sunroof remains closed. (It's a bit tricky - but if you try to pull it straight down and out - it will get destroyed.) See how it travels and is held "captive" by the metal channel on each side.

3. the sides of the panel are held in a track on the roof via small rectangular sliders held in with two screws each. loosen the screws and remove these clamping bits. (They're NLA - so don't lose them!!!)

4. Now only the cables at the rear of the panel are holding everything together. Push up on the leading edge of the panel from inside the car while you "over-close" the roof. Have a towel handy to keep it from scratching the roof of the car.

5. You should now have the panel sticking out and overlapping the opening at a slight angle. This will allow more acces to the rear seal placement.

6. Affix the rear seal as the front one - work slowly. I find putting masking tape along the roof opening helps avoid drips of nasty glue on the paintwork. Use lots of towels to rest your elbows on too - you'd be amazed at how easily deformed these roofs are!

7. The rear seal is a bit tougher since it doesn't have any tim inside to help hold the shape. Just be patient and go slow.

8. Allow 24 hours drying time before reassembly. I ran a small (2-3mm) bead of CLEAR silicone adhesive along the bottom of the rear felt just to keep it sealed up.

Approximate work time: 3 hours +/-

Good Luck!


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