Posted by Graham UK on July 07, 2000 at 14:34:40:

In Reply to: Wooden dash refurbishment posted by Matt Arnold on July 03, 2000 at 18:17:56:

Same on my CSi- plan to revarnish in the (distant) future, however, restoring various wood steering wheels and sailing dinghies to a high standard, I would recommend:

-detach wood from car to avoid damage to surround

-strip all varnish using paint stripper, follow instructions

-lightly sand wood

-use a good quality yacht varnish and the best quality brush money can buy so that it doesn't leave brush hairson surface.

-For the best results you can use a spray gun the varnish. 2-pack varnish gives a tougher finish, otherwise use polyurethane.

-1st coat thinned 50% with recommended spirit

-lightly rub down with wet and dry paper with water as lubricant. Thorougly clean and dry. Then leave to dry properly.

-Before following each coat, wipe surface with lint free cloth moistened with the recommended spirit to remove all dust/abraded varnish.

-With (wet) wet and dry paper flatten out all bumps to varnished surface to an even flat surface.

-For a professional glossy finish apply coat on coat, flattening between. 4/5 coats would be a minimum.

-Some people recommend thinning final varnish coat
for quicker drying to avoid dust on surface.

Good luck. Graham UK.