Posted by Birger Moen on October 17, 2000 at 14:17:00:

I have just finished refurbishing all the wooden panels in my CS.It was fairly straight forward, and here is a simple descr. for those interested.
1. remove wood from door panels, they must be removed, once they are, it is easy to separate the wood from the rest.
2.NB my panels did NOT respond to chemical paint remover, so use elbow grease and sand paper, i started with 150 and then 240, before i cleaned with spririt. use one that leaves a dry surface.
3. buy the best laquer and BRUSH that money can buy!
I used a laquer for floors and yacht, high gloss, and thinned the first layer 30% with white spirit.leave it to dry-100%
4. sand it down again with 250 paper-clean- and next layer.i did this 4 times.
5 then I used 500 grit wet&dry, sanded wet, with a few drops of mild dish soap in the water. this to prevent glogging of paper and ugly schratces. clean with pure water, dry of,and put on new layer.this was done 3 times.
6 last sanding was with 1200 wet, water as above, and last layer thinned with 10% white spirit.
7.VOILA. it looks abs. great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

good luck