Posted by Rob Anderson on January 09, 2001 at 20:25:21:

In Reply to: Install issues like mounts & clearance, etc. posted by matbighat on January 03, 2001 at 11:35:14:

There are really no clearance problems unless you are using the TPS from and automatic. You have to use an manual TPS, which means you can't drop in the auto tranny and the motor in the car unless you use a non EH tranny. As for the motor mounts, you will have to retap the holes on the block used to mount the motor mounting arms, but otherwise, you just unbolt the mounting arms from the E28/E24 and then drop on the E9 ones. I would also like to advise you to be careful when installing the motor as the oil pan will be very close to the subframe, but it clears. It also clears the swaybar so don't worry. I think the swaybar only touches the oil pan when the suspension is fully extended so I would suggest not getting the car airborn. Anyway, the tranny that you have should bolt up and you will need to get a CSI exhaust. The 2800cs exhaust will not flow the power. I would suggest using a cone filter as it is a lot easier to mount and you will have fewer clearance issues. I got rid of the charcoal canister system by using the 533i throttle body and intake bellows. You will have to do custom wiring of course. As for mounting the motronic unit, many people mount it next to the HVAC unit, but I don't like that because the motronic unit should not be exposed to any moisture. So I drilled a 49mm hole through the firewall and mounted the motronic unit under the top right of the dash. It fit perfectly and did not require any modification of the glove box. Please email me privately if you have any more questions.
Rob A
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