Remove and Install Coupe Vent Window Gasket

by Jim Smith, January 2002

Remove Vent Window Gasket


  1. Remove door panels.
  2. Remove window gear mechanism (the window should move freely).
  3. Remove the two screws in the front of the window frame.

  4. Carefully lift the metal cover that the screws held tight.

  5. While lifting the metal cover work the window down till the pin comes free.

  6. Turn the window to about 1/2 open -- you will have to fiddle with the angle to get it right - till you can work the rod up and out of the gasket. The angle is critical because the hole for the rod is an oblong opening. The rod can only be removed if it is at the correct angle to the hole. (2 pictures)

  7. Once the window is out try to press the rubber tabs up through the frame with a small flat screw driver. The tabs have "hips" that keep them in place and make it difficult to pull them out. Note: I did not do this step on the coupe. I don't know for sure if there is access to the rubber tabs with the frame in the door.

  8. Remove the rubber gasket from the bottom first then gently pull away from the frame going toward the front and working your way to the back. The rubber comes out easier in this direction.

Now we are ready for the install.

Install Vent Window Gasket


Vent Window Parts

Door Picture 1 (from Shop Manual)

Door Picture 2 (from Shop Manual)

Tools: Procedure:
  1. Spray the gasket and the frame with the lubricant. Be generous it makes the install easier. The reason for spraying the frame is so small adjustments can be made later.
  2. Note how things line up on the bottom of the frame – tabs, drain holes and the angle for reinstalling the window. Might be a good idea to make a drawing showing the angle. This will be important later on.

    Bottom of window frame

  3. Install the rubber tabs in their frame slots. At this point you can pull the tabs into position with the “hips” in the bottom of the frame. You can probably wait and do this step later but the tabs will help hold the gasket during the install.

    Tabs in slots

  4. Starting at the back of the frame insert the gasket into the groves in the frame. This will be the hardest part. Part of the gasket goes on the outside of the frame and an inner part fits into a grove. I used the putty knife to get the inside part into the grove. Hold the gasket tight against the frame while you push the inside gasket into the grove. Work the gasket all the way up the frame until it is completely installed in the back side.

    Backside Picture 1 – use of putty knife

    Backside Picture 2 – the grooves

    Backside Picture 3 – inserting the gasket

  5. If you end up with a wrinkle or crease in the backside gasket use your fingers for pressure and slide them up and down the gasket. This is where the lubricant on the frame pays off.

    Backside Picture 4 – removing creases

  6. Once the backside is installed up to the top arch begin to insert the front of the gasket into the grove. This side will be easier because the gasket and grove are wider and more flexible.

    Front side Picture – pivot point

  7. Complete the front side install and make sure the gasket is tightly installed all around the frame.

    Gasket Installed

  8. Now line up and install the window. A good time to lube the pivot as well.

    Installing Window

  9. All done with the window – replace the screws and make sure the gasket is correct all around the frame. Reinstall the controls and test it out.

    Completed Installation

  10. The new gasket looks like it would go in easier than the old one I used to learn on. The rubber is softer and more pliable. I sure hope that’s the case when I do the real thing.

    New Gasket 1

    New Gasket 2

Hopefully this information will be helpful. As I said in the beginning I did this on the bench not in the coupe so your process may have to be modified to accommodate hurdles I did encounter.

When I actually do my coupe windows I’ll update this procedure to account for any differences in the real installation.