BMW E9 and E3 Projects and Restorations List

72 Restomod clubracer build

For over a decade I have been club racing a 79 e12 and decided I wanted to try something different ...

Posted by: bdigel

1971 3.0CS Euro Model Restoration

Our plan was to find a car with all the parts and minimal rust. We plan on stripping the car back to the frame and doing a complete panel restore, a complete interior re-trim and then a new paint job in it's original color scheme (Polaris Silver with navy interior).

Posted by: drewbaker

Will have to start somewhere

After reading Mario's original post I'm finding that he was extremely accurate in his description of the car and so the mold smell and its presence "everywhere" is a concern. I took out the rear seats last night and found a bit of rodent feces which probably adds to the smell...

Posted by: Peter Coomaraswamy

CSL Redo for Vintage Racing

I took the CSL over to Bend, OR yesterday where German Master Tech will begin the restoration of the car in preparation for next summers racing. The plan is to build a replica of the 1973 Schnitzer car (silver & orange) that was driven by Brambilla and Pescarolo....

Posted by: lafngrvy

Getting this 3.0CSi back on the road

Thought I could share some pictures with you of my 3.0CSi project. Before anything else, I've got zero experience of e9's. This is basically the first one I've seen IRL. Second is that I've never done a resto-mod/rebuild of this extent, on any car before. ....

Posted by: Gransin

'71 2800 CS Budget Resto

I joined in December 2014 after driving by my neighbors E9 for nearly a year. This car has been parked for roughly 20 years, driven occasionally, and likely spent a good chunk of that time outside...

Posted by: Markos

My CS Restoration

This is my account of the restoration of my pride and joy, a BMW 3.0 CS Coupe. I purchased the car on February 16 1999 having decided to look around and find a nice one, the thing is these cars were rare when they were current (in the 70's) which means they aren't exactly thick on the ground these days so "looking for a good one" involves a lot of waiting and not a lot of looking...

Posted by: gazzol

4310316 begins

Beginning of the monster, one of the preetiest blue ive ever seen, 1979 light metalic blue porsche-look it up, awesum miracle color. I also painted my classic peugeot px10 bicycle the same color. Cool ...

Posted by: aearch

My Coupe Project

Back in April with quite a bit of help, I decided to jump in and start the long process of refreshing my e9 Coupe. I've never done anything like this before so I was without a doubt overwhelmed with the task at hand...

Posted by: OCCoupe

Triple Weber install

OK I have pulled the trigger and am heading to the Dark Side with a set of Italian triple 40 DCOE webers - I will be detailing the trials and tribulations of rebuild and install in the coming weeks. I love my Zeniths but am fascinated with the plumbing and exotic potential of 3 side drafts. So for this experiment I am thinking...

Posted by: Stevehose

My 1971 2800CS Build

I know most of you have seen it already but I figured I'd post up a "build" thread for my E9. It's a '71 2800CS. I haven't been documenting all that well so far but I'll be sure to start....

Posted by: M.Burroughs

Andrew Wilson's '73 CSi

After considerable research, consultation and being old enough to know better, we bought Athena an Italian delivery 1973 3.0 CSi from Ayer European Auto Sales in Gardiner Maine. Compared to Vern, the trip home was not a grand adventure, it was just the drive home from Gardiner on 201. The adventure was making her into a showable, reliable driver on par with Vern...

Posted by: adawil2002

71 Restoration Begins

The restoration has begun! Removal of all running gear and bits and pieces... The list of required replacement parts is growing as expected. First run of replacement seals and perishables arrived from Walloth and Nesch (thanks all for the tip). ...

Posted by: Aussie3.0CS

Hotrodded Coupe Project

I have been out in my garage building my CS coupe hotrod, which I started in the fall of 2001. Consequently I have not been online all that much. My coupe is finally on the road and driving, but with open headers. Let's just say that the neighbors aren't happy...

Posted by: TrackRat

Deconstruction Thread: How to part-out an E9

This thread will document that part-out from a technical and financial standpoint. This is not a for sale-thead. All parts will be listed in the parts classifieds section. I encourage anyone to chime in with recommendations on the process, whether it is the disassembly process, or the pack/ship/sell process...

Posted by: TrackRat

Skin exchanges started

So in the meantime I already prepared more or less everything to exchange the whole outer skin. Have front and rear fenders, complete front mask, door skins, endpiece for the trunk, front and rear floor pieces, A-pillars and a roof skin from a car without sunroof...

Posted by: arnie

Restore 3.0 CS 1975

Hi all, here is my Cs 3.0 restored work done on 1 year. During the visit of what I call a nests or rust what remains... (French)

Posted by: Jean Luc

BMW 3.0CS 1971 Restoration Project

In January 2005 I found a BMW 3.0CS from 1971. This car was sleeping in a garage since 1995. I'll present you the steps of the restoration of the car. As english is not my current language I will take the text and pictures from a french BMW forum on which I'm presenting my restoration... (French)

Posted by: renzo

D-Jetronic Rebuild

I would like to rebuild my fuel injection system; from the ECU forward, if possible. I want peace of mind in my rebuild, so swapping out all electrical and fuel components with new (aftermarket recommendations okay) is what I want....

Posted by: 12doplumbing

Air conditioning upgrade photos/details

For those contemplating such a project, I recently completed my York to rotary a/c compressor upgrade. Keeping with R-12. In prior posts on this subject there weren't a lot of specifics so I am trying to offer some here for the novices like me.....

Posted by: Stevehose

74 3.0 CS Mild Restoration

For those contemplating such a project, I recently completed my York to rotary a/c compressor upgrade. Keeping with R-12. In prior posts on this subject there weren't a lot of specifics so I am trying to offer some here for the novices like me.....

Posted by: eludvigs

3D Printing: AC Face Plate & Console Vent Covers

For those contemplating such a project, I recently completed my York to rotary a/c compressor upgrade. Keeping with R-12. In prior posts on this subject there weren't a lot of specifics so I am trying to offer some here for the novices like me.....

Posted by: Markos

Fixing that little rustspot...

You know, while you are at it..... I had enough corrosion in the sill corners and the rear subframe mounting points of the thurst rod to think; let's do this over the coming winter...

Posted by: eriknetherlands

b35 Install Tomorrow

My original thread got pretty long so I am starting a new one here. After taking my time to prepare for the engine install (I removed the old motor four months ago!), I am finally ready. Mike, OCCoupe, is assisting me tomorrow and it's going in the way it came out, over the fender. Don has been invaluable in guiding me and answering innumerable questions...

Posted by: HB Chris

3.0 CS 1973 #2212882

Hello you all, from a newbie in Sweden. I've always loved the looks of the E9, but never owned one before. I was thinking of using the coming winter to start to build a "Race CSL clone". So I spread around that I wanted to buy an E9 restoring object....

Posted by: Bert-Ola

CSL Restoration

I have now started the strip out of the CSL and so far, so good. The car has spots of rust but not as bad as others I have done. I have started stripping out the windows and interior trim. The Front window may have been a replacement back in the 70s as its made by Royal Doulton – I always guessed they made cups and plates!...

Posted by: Marc-M

Restoration of rear lights, plus upgrade options

I have been restoring a set of lights from the back of my neighbor Wayne's 1973 3.0CS. He and I had spoken about our 2002s, and about lighting improvements I was doing for other models (see sig) to try and keep more of these older bimmers on the road, and fewer in the wrecking yards...

Posted by: Mo Brighta

New Fender liners (Lokari)

Last Sunday we had a nice day in Michigan so I finally got around to installing the Lokari fender liners I bought a while back. I have a new set of the Volvo plastic liners but I liked the Lokari's better and so I went with them...

Posted by: jcat

Bat #4355016

I have never chronicled a build on this forum, but since this is a pretty special car (one of only 4 Taiga Bats built), I thought I would give it a try. Hopefully I will have enough time to keep up with things. Here is the car in it's current state...

Posted by: RonP

The b35 Saga Begins

I am embarking on the M30b35 upgrade to the coupe. I have the motor and will hone cylinders and replace rings, bores are good, will also check bearings. It's from a 92 735i. Will send head out shortly to check and replace valve guides and seals. Using e21 runners which are longer and breath better supposedly...

Posted by: HB Chris

A/C Install in a CSi

I'm planning on doing just this and will give a documented procedure to do it. The first step is to gather up all the parts you think you'll need. I got the Sanden compressor and condenser coil from an outfit in San Diego (i'll post the link later)....

Posted by: Bwana

"Mad Max's " S54 powered E9 project

The car didn't have any front suspension , and the F150 was barely big enough to fit an Engine, tranny, interior, suspension pieces , glass, and entire fiberglass body kit , etc, etc. we loaded all the loose stuff into the truck and I brought a Dolly Ive used on other BMW projects that bolts into the front end ...

Posted by: bdigel

Help with headlight/driving light rewire project

I am going to wire my driving lights and put a relay on the low beam circuit. Thanks to HBChris I have a correct relay socket coming in order to keep things stock looking under the hood. This will be used for the low beams, the Hella 160's will have its relay hidden under the left light access panel, I'll put the fuses there also. ...

Posted by: Stevehose

123ignition distributor install

Received my 123ignition distributor today. I bought the tuneable version which allows you to program any mechanical and vacuum curve you want and adjust it on the fly (think dyno) from a laptop. I think it is worth the extra $26 for the tuneable version so you don't have to limit yourself to the preprogrammed curves ...

Posted by: Stevehose

Newbie finds 1968 2000CS stored 22 years

This past April I find a 1968 2000CS on C/L stored there untouched under a carport for 22 years. I am the first caller 20 minutes after the ad is posted. I buy the car sight unseen and with a lost title because that's always the smart thing to do! ...

Posted by: rdholland

My 1972 CS project...

Why finish one project when you can start another. That has been my motto with this car. It has been 10+ years and it's still not done. The past two months I have found some new energy to pump into this little sucker. We will see if I can have it done sometime this summer. They are hell to restore. I wanted to get the plate CS HELL but California DMV will not go for it...

Posted by: autobahn

Restoration of '70 2800CS 2270407

So, it begins. I haven't rolled Hedwig into the garage quite yet, but I'm declaring my intentions to this little corner of the world on this Friday the 13th. I'll have a parallel thread on my own site that I'll list in the signature when I start those pages up...

Posted by: mulberryworks

Dec 13, 2017
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