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    CSL Shockie specs

    Old Konis are oil shocks and rebuildable Should be someone in OZ that can do them. iI had a set done in Phoenix to custom spec by foremost Koni rebuilder, Drawback was very expensive but all parts of his design. Something you might look into
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    Leak at transmission speedometer cable connection

    If you go into real oem e24 section early years there are 2 different seals shown one is just an O ring for the 265/5 transmission for approx $3 the other is for the 265/6 trans and is a $14 seal I found these under the E24 euro 1981 year transmission section individual parts so these apply to...
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    Immaculate set of all hard tools

    All correct screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers etc. 0 rust or discoloration. Channel locks are correct Heyco 300. Small screwdriver has a new blade and a new blue cloth and valve adjusting tool are also included. $500 shipped in the USA If wanted for an E3 or E12 or an "M" car, I can provide the...
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    Oil Filter Change

    If enough people are interested, like 5 , I will do another run of spin on adapters. I can do them for the 4" bottom bolted cans, the 3,5" bottom bolted can as well as the 3.5 " bottom bolted cans with an oil cooler assembly as they are the same and I can also do them for the 3.5" top bolted...
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    Another Real- This one labeled "Dino"

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    Who will chrom plate plastic?

    Also look in Hemmings. Several providers there as well
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    Electrical fuel pump

    Pick up a mounting bracket from an E24 An E24 pump and filter all mount in the same bracket just to the left of the rear wheel under the car
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    Another oil thread

    Brad Penn oil has very high zinc content as has Shell Rotella. Brad Penn can be bought on Amazon with free shipping and Rotella at Auto Zone etc. Brad Penn is green and I had thought they bought Kendall??
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    Zinc plating...yes or no?

    For small quantities it pays to buy new. In AZ we can still get cadmium plating done as we don't have the stringent EPA restrictions like CA and possibly other states. Since, as far as I know, all the bolts and brackets that show plating were yellow cadmium and since I am anal, I wanted all...
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    Looking for Lowering Springs

    E12 early e24 springs will fit front and rear
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    Dash and more

    There is another place besides just dashes in Oregon. Several E 24 guys used him 4-5 years ago on a group buy. The work quality was good. BUT the problem encountered was he is only good if no extra molding is required like "compartmentments" for change or that type thing which he just covered...
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    Dash and more

    Out of curiosity, have any of you folks had any of your dashes recovered? By that I mean stripped down to the pan, re padded and a new cover vacuum molded to it?? I had mine done in my E24 and as good as new as to match and quality
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    Help Finding the Member

    I do have an extra correct large green screwdriver that I would be happy to swap for a small one if anyone needs to do this.
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    Help Finding the Member

    The replacement screwdrivers have real odd shaped handles and will not fit in any of the tool trays up to and including E34's
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    Wishbone spacers for lowered cars?

    I never did as not enough interest was shown and I didn't want to start on it and have the money tied up in them laying on my shelf. maybe in the next several months I will offer it up again and see where it goes.
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    Looks like I am tangentially challenged
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    I guess I do that sometime. I will have to watch myself!
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    Nothing wrong with making a profit. It's the American way. I think the whole thread started out in humor about the description of a car in an ad
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    If you guys read Hemmings, mostly in the Jag section Alfas too, you will find Beverly Hills Car Club very active and get an idea of what he sells. I don't know if he owns the stuff or is just trying to broker other peoples cars, as it is made to look as he has a lot of product. Another fellow...