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  1. pat cooks

    CSL Restoration

    I may have a pair of original steel access panels left, will look if you are interested, they are missing from my CSiL, were they alloy? I have kept a pair of steel but now have doubts.........
  2. pat cooks

    Hi all from Cambridge, UK.

    private collection, I used to be a classic BMW repairer and parts supplier, most by accident, the 29 Dodge (RHD) was spotted for sale in a club magazine whilst in Durban waiting for the DJ vintage motorcycle run to Johannesburg to start, I was an entrant, 2002 I think, the MGA was offered to me...
  3. pat cooks

    Idle control valve

    post a picture of the part, I will probably have a used one but I am in the UK, see what comes up nearer to home first, Pat
  4. pat cooks

    Swap for a “better” automatic?

    I fitted a 4hp22 from an E30 with I think a converter and bell housing from a 518i into my 2002 manual as at that time I was using it for my daily commute to work, worked great, very low rpm at 80 mph, the 4hp22 has an overdrive top gear, I also fitted one into an E9 CSA for a customer, I would...
  5. pat cooks

    Hi all from Cambridge, UK.

    and I am just south of Epping Essex, with a pair of E9 coups a 71 carburetor manual 3.0CS and a 3.0CSiL, plus a 2002 touring none of them are on the road at the moment................. although I do buy parts for them at least once a week! Pat
  6. pat cooks

    Lots of Parts

    check out the shipping, it will be stupid expensive unless you find someone shipping a container, on the same subject I have a small old rusty motorcycle frame stuck in NZ, not worth pack and send prices to ship, anyone know of a car being shipped to the UK from NZ, it would fit in the boot or...
  7. pat cooks

    Hello from a new memeber

    welcome, looks very straight, what version is it? Pat (UK)
  8. pat cooks

    New genuine complete ATE repair kit for master cylinder RHD - SOLD

    The RHD BMW kit is always a bit different to the one you strip down, you just need to work out what to reuse and what to replace, remember one seal goes the wrong way round from memory, aha yes you can see it in the picture, I would like to buy the kit, Pat
  9. pat cooks

    The Raven e9 project

    what else could you have bought that goes up in value about as quickly as you can spend money on it?
  10. pat cooks

    Front fender / wing needs, or part of...

    The accident damage is repairable, but any rust through or poor previous repairs are another issue, whilst repairable may not be worth it if rusty, has anyone spoken to BMW lately about future availability? surely they did not scrap the press tools? maybe they thought they had enough to see...
  11. pat cooks

    Front Grilles.

    2800 E9 had grey / silver grilles, yes they are the same,
  12. pat cooks

    Strut nut tool?

    often called a C spanner,
  13. pat cooks

    Longshot... looking for my old coupe

    there is always hope, I have several cars that have been off the road for over 30 years, 1968 Mk2 Jaguar taken off the road in 1979, 1964 Austin Cambridge last Mot'd in 1984 and a 1971 E9 last used in the 90's...still they turn up, none would have shown up on a DVLA search as they were on old...
  14. pat cooks

    UK (close to London) body shop recommendations ?

    just on the seam! as an insurance quote that would probably be a new front wing (fender) bumper corner, rubber, rubber mount strip, two waist mouldings, headlamp grille, maybe headlamp mounting frame, paint panels and blend colour, go for the max and then when they find some parts are NLA...
  15. pat cooks

    History of My 1974 BMW 3.0CS

    The antenna screws on from the outside, same as my 2002 Touring, the cylinder head seems to have a 1982 date, very nice car, BMW only designed those bumpers because they were forced to, we never had then in the UK although we did get the E24 big bumpers on the highline,
  16. pat cooks

    Oil leak from timing chain tensioner

    carefully and slowly wipe with a white kitchen roll, checking as you go as that will will show a thin film of oil that you may not be able to see, works for fuel as well, when the paper stays clean you have gone past the leak, my money is on the lower front cover just behind the chain...
  17. pat cooks

    Oil leak from timing chain tensioner

    with this type of oil leak you must look for the highest and most forward sign of oil as it will always go down and back, it could be a bad copper seal ring on the tensioner or loose tensioner, it could be the gasket between the front cover and engine block, quite common, or from the front of...
  18. pat cooks

    FS: CSL engine

    the 3003cc CSil engine is the same as a 3.0 CSi but on first overbore of 0.25mm from memory, done to take it into the over 3000cc race class
  19. pat cooks

    M10 Running Rough at Idle

    could be a leaking brake servo! on a lot of M10 manifolds the brake vacume is from No.4 inlet area and a leaking servo will allow excess air into No4 cylinder causing a weak mixture on that cylinder.....................
  20. pat cooks

    Pics & tips needed.

    you need bigger axle stands! and a bigger bin.........