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  1. RJRuiz

    Shout out to Doug McKenzie

    I'm cringing just seeing that photo! Ray
  2. RJRuiz

    Shout out to Doug McKenzie

    I hear you, only time I've driven it in the rain was returning from '17 Vintage, wound up doing a rust check which turned into a refresh as a result which is now turning in to a new interior...never ends, lol. Ray
  3. RJRuiz

    Shout out to Doug McKenzie

    Saw your car at City Hall, absolutely beautiful. Ray
  4. RJRuiz

    '72 CSi Refresh

    As part of a resto refresh, it's time for a new interior in Cardinal Red Leather, stripped out interior.
  5. RJRuiz

    Anybody ever use BAT ? price, reserve thoughts.....

    Speaking of rare colors, I always wanted a Colorado coupe.....hen's teeth though. Ray
  6. RJRuiz

    Barrett Jackson

    Post Vintage 2017, where I had a small for sale sign on my coupe, I was contacted by a Bonham's rep to offer my car at their Pebble Beach Auction. Was not comfortable with the expenses vs. projected results for my car and decided to pass. If you have a good to very good coupe, looks like BAT...
  7. RJRuiz

    1972 CSL 2275030

    Be still my beating heart..... Ray
  8. RJRuiz

    Coupe Siting

    Plummer even looks like Getty. Will look for the coupe. Ray
  9. RJRuiz

    Triple Weber VGS manifold on ebay Germany

    I have a Korman intake manifold (manifold only) I would sell-have to dig it out of the garage, lol. Ray
  10. RJRuiz

    Welcome Chris! Another happy customer here.
  11. RJRuiz

    Steering column prism

    I'll take one Stan- Paypal?
  12. RJRuiz

    Radiator fan set-up

    I have an aluminum radiator purchased on Ebay ($189 WITH single pusher fan!) and dual electronically controlled Spal pullers. Works great, much quieter than the stock setup. Used the Pusher that came with the radiator to cool the a/c condenser. I'm in South Florida so a/c and cooling is...
  13. RJRuiz

    E9 driving feel

    To me, the charm of driving an E9 lies in it's intensely mechanical, analog feel. The sound of the engine, gearbox and wind noise combine for a memorable experience everytime out. My coupe is substantially modified, with CN springs, HD Bilsteins and a modded 3.5/5 speed with a 3.63 LSD. Love way...
  14. RJRuiz

    Out of Commission.

    Good Luck and a speedy recovery; FWIW, I had cataract surgery last year and had a very good experience. In and out in 4 hours, outpatient with one of, if not the top eye surgeon in the US. Procedure was at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Miami. No pain and very little discomfort- I also have...
  15. RJRuiz

    '70 CS in Santa Ana

    Some E 12's were available with a single 4-bbl carb/manifold equipped M-30 engine; there are still some manifolds out there. I believe the original carbs were Zenith; there was at least one of the old list members (Marty Roach?) who had converted to a small Holley 4-bbl and was pleased with...
  16. RJRuiz

    Who does enamel?

    My CSi is '72, so that would fall within the timing. I do not recall the color of the letters- Ray
  17. RJRuiz

    Who does enamel?

    As I recall (bit sketchy there, getting old) my front and rear Roundels were brass. I was going to have them re done in cloisonne but resto took 5 years and originals got lost along the way. And yes, the c-pillar roundels were also cloisonne. Does not surprise me that the Isetta would also...
  18. RJRuiz

    Who does enamel?

    Original Roundels were cloisonne on brass; I recall a discussion on such as past of the old email list, and at the time, there was a source/service/old guy who used to redo them. If you have one of the original, brass roundels, a competent cloisonne artist should be able to restore them. Ray
  19. RJRuiz

    Cooling system/radiator suggestions?

    I should have been clearer; I have a pusher electric in front of the condenser and twin 12" pullers behind the radiator- really works well. Ray
  20. RJRuiz

    Cooling system/radiator suggestions?

    My setup has the fans in puller configuration, never hear them operating. I have an LED indicator mounted underdash to confirm when working. One of my reasons for converting from mechanical fan was how noisy the 9 blade fan was- Ray