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  1. Sooner

    Lock cylinder with 2 keys

  2. Sooner

    Hagerty on CS value increase

  3. Sooner

    1970 2800CS Alternator

    What alternator are you running?
  4. Sooner

    A/C Wiring Issues

    send me a pic of the switch, I may have one
  5. Sooner

    Seeking some NLA parts

    I need one for my Bavaria
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    eBay granatrot

  7. Sooner

    opinion on lifts

    Guess I need to buy a 4 post to go with the 2 post
  8. Sooner

    Reunited My E9 with Original Owner After 26 Years!

    Very cool, I still know the original owner of my coupe, creates a great family of coupe lovers!
  9. Sooner

    Lock cylinder with 2 keys

    This is the short version, I believe for early cars, still available
  10. Sooner

    Huntington Beach Concours

    Chris, what did you drive, I did not see your coupe?
  11. Sooner

    opinion on lifts

    I have had my lift for about 7 years, 9K, no issues, and a life safer. It is one of the cheaper foreign units
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    Ford vs Ferrari Official Trailer

    Can't wait!
  13. Sooner

    Looking for Emil

    Anyone have and info on how to contact Emil on this forum. I purchased a windshield from him and few years ago and would like to connect about other cars. thank you
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    Lock cylinder with 2 keys

    Here you go
  15. Sooner

    Vintage plans?

    Wish he was here!
  16. Sooner

    Lock cylinder with 2 keys

    I have a new lock cylinder and 2 keys I ordered from BMW Germany, part #32321105073 for sale if some one needs it. $80 plus shipping.
  17. Sooner

    New Member in ABQ, NM

    Welcome, I am in Farmington and have a 2800CS and a 3.0 CS, several 2002's, Bavaria and hoard of parts. Let me know if I can help
  18. Sooner

    Hood Rubber Bushing

    Would agree Chris, also have the hole but do not think there was ever a rubber bushing
  19. Sooner

    Dash stuff- glove box, fuse door, column cover

    Koopman, do you have a buyer for the column cover?