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  1. shanon

    3.07 LSD - Value??

    So... If you have a dogleg....the 3.07LSD will bolt right in correct? Curious..... ;)
  2. shanon

    1969 2800 CS

    Crocket & Tubbs could use it when the Daytona in being serviced. ;)
  3. shanon

    Sean Connery’s CSL for sale

    Let us know if 007 wants his original air dam back.....( Some well known Alpina gurus identified it as actually a Schnitzer piece..they are formed aluminum). - S.P.E.C.T.R.E.
  4. shanon

    Electrical fuel pump

    Location? Street car or....? Easier access to fuel system components if in trunk.....but i digress ;)
  5. shanon

    Reunited My E9 with Original Owner After 26 Years!

    Coupers in Chico....groovy ;)
  6. shanon

    1972 3.0CS Group 2 3.5 CSL period conversion

    Neat kit. Anybody know the story of the 'headless monk' on the coat of arms?
  7. shanon

    Mud Flaps

  8. shanon

    2018 CSRG Charity Challenge Video

    Thanks Steve for taking my boy for his very first 'hot laps' on his 'sweet 16'. Glad we made the 'cut' (That's us putting the helmet on for the Charity Ride) Yep.....priceless ;)
  9. shanon

    1972 BMW 3.0CS 3.5L 5-Speed Malaga

    Shawn's ( not my brother) old car.. Small world....ill have to dig up the old pics from the old "Monte Diablo" when he brought his out to join us...Jabberjaw was present too... Wonder how many from that 'spirited' day are now in the six figure coupe club... including TJs....3!?;)
  10. shanon

    1972 BMW 3.0CS 3.5L 5-Speed Malaga

    A NorCal East Bay fellow had a real nice one I remember from years this Shaun's old car?
  11. shanon

    Lost coupe in the Paradise fire

    My condolences John. Didn't know there was another in the area, not very many E9s in Butte County or the far NorCal. The fire evacuation line was across the street from my 'batcave' off Skyway All the best and good hunting.
  12. shanon

    73 green e9 BAT

    Thx D, ya save me some gas $$ ;-)
  13. shanon

    front brakes

    Got ya. sounds like fun " we have to drive the event with the tires we start..." Yep, we're birds of a feather, I am stuffing an extra track wheelset/tires in the trunk, rear seat and roof rack for a 250 mile haul to the track this weekend. good times ;)
  14. shanon

    73 green e9 BAT

    happy to go poke it with a stick if needed and my life schedule permits. hth
  15. shanon

    front brakes

    B, What tires are you running for your tarmac events events? Curious, how much does your car weigh?
  16. shanon

    ZF S5/18-3 rare 5-speed gearbox on Ebay

    Question to the C/R experts: I have a CR Getrag (262?) w a 3.45 How does one identify the ratios in the tranny? Curious, thx.
  17. shanon

    front brakes

    +1 rebuilt calipers Had mine done years ago at the project's start. they've been great. Hth. What your final drive ? 3.91, 4.10, or higher? IIRC, we're both running the CR 5spd, correct?
  18. shanon

    front brakes

    +1 stock w/ tweaks -2650lbs car w/ 15" wheels with track rubber & suspension - stainless breaklines - racing pads? (Carbotech or stock pads) - high temp fluid (Ford racing from the dealer) Do the rally events reach the speeds/braking demands as the track in 20-30mins sessions? Curious...
  19. shanon

    Spring Rates for Coilovers

    Barry, meet us soon in Buttonwillow for a proper test
  20. shanon

    Spring Rates for Coilovers

    Been running this set up for a long time. Ireland Engineering coilovers up front with 550lbs springs and rear Bilstiens, 500lbs springs. hth