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    WTB manual swap parts

    If I'm honest, I kept the auto brake pedal for when I'm driving enthusiastically, it's a lot easier to find when its needed quickly LOL.
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    Fibreglass Front Spoiler

    I'm sure Chris at zaprace will post to oz
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    Need Help.

    I've got half a box left from when I overhauled and fitted new seals to mine. Il post a pic up later of the screws if you want?
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    WTB manual swap parts

    That's what I meant, fitting a whole new pedal box was a no go.
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    WTB manual swap parts

    Changing the wide brake pedal is a pain in the arse, it's an integral part of the steering column, so just cut the foot plate to the same size of a manual brake pedal, save a lot of back breaking messing time.
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    I run a dog leg 5 speed and LSD diff both from a pre 1979 E24 635, I thought the 3.09 would be useless but its absolutely perfect for my cs, pick up, speed both spot on.
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    Position Antenna

    Dealerships positioned them where ever the customer wanted them, locations were very hit and miss, so fit it where ever you want it.
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    Alpina B7 Turbo Coupè/1 E24

    If this was a rhd, this would be on my drive by now. Stunning and the rarest alpina in my opinion. We only ever sold 2 UK rhd e24 B7s at shitner......sorry, sytners, as they were so expensive.
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    MY Mother, My Hero

    As above
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    MY Mother, My Hero

    So excuse my bluntness, but your asking for donations so your church can buy a 15 seater minibus?
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    RHD E9 Auction - the results are in

    71k for a car that's in need of panel work to the bootlid, both doors, full engine overhaul and a new interior? Looks like the restorer has let new metal in on the bottom of the doors and they are too short, hence why they have dropped the doors to close the gap at the bottom and in turn has...
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    1973 CSI FS in UK

    55k for a southpaw is a bit strong here in the UK.
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    WANTED: Gear stick

    I'm after a standard gear shift/stick for a 5 speed getrag box, I think standard sticks are the same in the H pattern, 5 speed, and dogleg box's but please tell me if I'm wrong. Will pay international postage for the correct part. Please let me know.
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    Final word on electric fuel pump for carbs

    Brilliant idea and set up!
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    Chrome Exhaust Tip

    You will only remove that tip if you cut the flared end off. Don't try removing it without cutting the flare off as you will damage the chrome tip. Chrome exhaust tips usually have a inner rolled lip to stop it sliding up the pipe.
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    Looking for parts source on 1 item NLA

    Could have been an attempt at noise or cold temp reduction?
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    fuel cap for 2800cs

    The one on W+N is the same as on my 72cs. And is exactly the same as the oil filler cap on my 1981 ford escort XR3 turbo alloy engine cover but without the bmw emblem. But il be swapping them over for when the escort is on display at the practical classic and restoration show at the National...
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    1970 2800CS ready to sell

    Stunning car and a credit to you. Are you replacing it with anything in particular?
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    So, how do you really feel about rising coupe values?

    With so very little of the cars left, parts are rare which means are very expensive. It happens in all marques, but classic bmw seem to carry a hefty premium what ever the model.