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    1974 3.0 CS Electric

    Sorry if I missed it, but what are you using to control the driver unit, battery management, and such? Are you going to disassemblethe batter pack and mount them in the engine bay or try and mount them under the car in their original tray? Very interesting idea you have here and looks like...
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    New Member in ABQ, NM

    I just put a deposit down on a car in California. I will definitely hit you guys up for parts as I put the car back together! Thanks A 71 2800 cs auto in Verona
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    New Member in ABQ, NM

    The plan is for a 9k lbs 2 post lift where the BMW is located. Just finished wiring in 220v. There are 50 solar panels on the roof that generally make about 60-110 kWh a day. Nice and insulated. Two 14" garage doors and one normal sized one.
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    New Member in ABQ, NM

    As we moved in this winter (335i sat here for a month!)
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    71 BMW 2800CS FL $15.5k

    I had called into the shop earlier that day, but never got a call back. I would have gladly paid more than that.....
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    New Member in ABQ, NM

    I live in the mountains near Albuquerque (nice and dry) and looking at getting an e9 to restore to driver status. I have a fair amount of fab skills and a nice big shop now, so figure I can make this a long term project. Going to need to grab some more panel shaping tools! Now just to find a...