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  1. m_thompson

    Tool Kit Questions

    Nice spark plugs. I have the original Bosch ones.
  2. m_thompson

    opinion on lifts

    Build a two bay garage and get both a two-post and a four-post lift. :)
  3. m_thompson

    recommendation for wheel refinishing

    I tried that. The sales person said that the owner said they were magnesium so they won't refinish them. There is just a little curb rash on one wheel, not enough to require welding. I have a case of Wurth silver paint that is supposed to be a match to the original finish. I will try...
  4. m_thompson

    recommendation for wheel refinishing

    Sounds like the RimPro people are idiots and I should go elsewhere.
  5. m_thompson

    recommendation for wheel refinishing

    I just swapped email with RimPro in Tyngsboro, MA about refinishing the stock wheels on my CS. Their WWW page says $185 per wheel and they quoted $220 per wheel. I sent them pictures so they could see the very minimal damage. They replied that the wheels don't strip well so they can't refinish...
  6. m_thompson

    Position Antenna

    When I replaced the front fenders I found a hole in the reinforcing parts of the left fender right where I have seen other antenna installed. I installed a manual antenna there. I never looked to see if the same hole exists on the right fender.
  7. m_thompson

    Front Inner Fender Assembly Question

    Some instructions, pictures, and part locations here.
  8. m_thompson

    W+N has solved the chrome + black hood / fender grilles

    Mine arrived yesterday. They look very nice!
  9. m_thompson

    73 E9 Rear Bumper parts

    I have a spare #7 for the left side and need one for the right side.
  10. m_thompson

    W&N Grilles now available

    I just ordered a set and got the 25 Euro discount. I bought a set of black ones 30+ years ago when the chrome ones were NLA. I had the idea of getting aluminum sputtered on them and painting them with clear. Never happened, so they will need a new home.
  11. m_thompson

    If you die, what happens to your cars and/or parts?

    I volunteer for a local Computer Museum. We regularly get calls from the survivor/executor asking us if we could get all of the old computer crap out of the garage/cellar/house. I imagine that a lot of historic computer artifacts get scrapped for gold reclamation. I need to do a better job of...
  12. m_thompson

    Part identification

    That part wasn't available when I replaced the fenders on my CS, so I had to make them. You can see the part on page three of the fender replacement instructions.
  13. m_thompson

    replacing front shocks

    Get the Konis rebuilt and put them back in!
  14. m_thompson

    Car Museum BMW Display in Switzerland

    The 507 is probably worth more than the total of the other cars, except for the M1.
  15. m_thompson

    Braking problems

    Mine had the same symptoms. Replacing the flexible lines fixed it.
  16. m_thompson

    replacing front shocks

    I found two part numbers for the strut bearings. The one with the short studs for '72 and earlier was quite expensive. The one with the long studs for the US '73 and later was much less expensive. I bought a set of short studs and the less expensive '73 and later bearing.
  17. m_thompson

    replacing front shocks

    I have a new, well they were new when I bought them 30 years ago, set of Boge struts that I need to install in my CS. I have been putting this project off for a very long time.
  18. m_thompson

    Advice for visiting Munich

    When I went on the Munich factory tour, the only English language tour was at 11:00. I can't tell from the WWW page if that is still true. The BMW Museum is more artsy and less technical than the Mercedes and Porsche museums. Still worth a visit through. The Deutsches Museums, all three, are...
  19. m_thompson

    4310316 begins

    Is that a DIXI behind the red/white Isetta?
  20. m_thompson

    What else have you built/are you building?

    I have been restoring this 1973 vintage Digital Equipment PDP-12 for the last few years. It was a barn find, and had been sitting unused for about 20 years. It has the same restoration challenges as a coupe, with unobtainable parts, and high prices for the parts that I can find. Fortunately...