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    Lots of Parts

    PM Sent for rocker trim.
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    Tii owner with Coupé envy

    Hi Ron, Have you driven a coupe before ? Not the same ride at all. The coupe is definitely prettier but might not be your bag of tea as they say ! I find the coupe at least in stock form feels to be more of a, sexy smooth, sleek cruiser , If you closed your eyes and were being driven in a coupe...
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    If you die, what happens to your cars and/or parts?

    This topic reminds me of a story I once heard. A gentleman who had a very expensive collection of wood working hand tools and such had passed away. When a friend of the deceased had asked his former friends widow where all the tools had gone ? She said she sold them. When she told him the...
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    Show your...keyring

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    Are the rocker (sill) covers still available?

    Thanks Rob, Just ordered from ECSTuning...:) Ordered online it accepted my order , so they might just have some in stock.
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    Are the rocker (sill) covers still available?

    Yes those are the ones, thx. Wow , parts sure are getting expensive.
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    Are the rocker (sill) covers still available?

    The decorative aluminium piece . I'm looking for a set.
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    The end is near....SCOTTeVEST's Baby

    My car is in storage but I found these not so great pics. Our local furniture maker used Mahogany veneer to match the Nardi wheel. Did this in 2006, cost was $300 to redo all the veneer . Black Rocks !
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    World Upholstery FYI

    I ordered every thing from Gahh when I had my interior done. It wasn't cheap but was very happy with the quality. The upholstery shop I used is now recommending . Not sure If they have door panels !
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    1970 2800cs for sale on CL Baltimore

    fuggetaboutit Its a fugazzi !:rolleyes:
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    Any other fans of Alfa Romeo GTV coupes - Off Topic, but related.

    I drive a GTV 1750 and agree with everything said above. The e9 is for cruising the Alfa is a hooligan and you just want to throw it in EVERY corner, at least I do ! The intake and exhaust sound is spectacular .It also feels much more vintage than the E9 and the 2002. If money was no object...
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    Another BAT 1974 Best Guess on Hammer Price?

    Black's not so bad ! The Baikal is was my friends car that sold on BAT for big dollars . I prefer the Black.
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    Better with or without chrome wheel arch flares?

    Wow what beauties :) Thank you Dan ! Is it true that the E9 was almost double the price of an E type when both were new ?
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    Better with or without chrome wheel arch flares?

    I prefer without the flares , Now how about a photo of your beautiful coupe along with one of those gorgeous E types your company restores !
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    Exterior moulding bolts

    Got my set from Carl Nelson but that was in 2006 !
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    80s exotics

    LOL....I was hoping these guys were going to pop in and bust those guys :cool:
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    Coupe Photos

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    Another BaT Coupe

    Wow Absolutely Stunning .
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    I took the leap from British to German in Connecticut

    I've heard great things about these guys and are very familiar with vintage Bmw's .
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    Ultimate 3 Car Dream Garage

    I would love to have an Alfaholics GTA R 290 !