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    Plycar transportation

    I had a similarly favorable experience.
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    Wanted: 35W bayonet fog bulb

    Not E9- or BMW-specific, I'm seeking a 35W yellow bayonet fog bulb or a worldwide source for such a bulb. Surprisingly these are not present on German E-Bay or other Euro sites, but I surmise there would be bins full of them at Techno-Essen & similar trade shows. It basically looks like your...
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    Campagnolo wheels ??

    These wheels are Campy "Americas." My Euro Alfa GTV was ordered with them when new from an Alfa dealer accessory catalog. Various other Campys could have been ordered as well. Euro-delivered BMWs would naturally be best bet for finding these (or just Euro-country E-Bay).
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    WTB: door catch right side

    Seeking a used door striker catch for right side--mounts to lower b-pillar and is part 51211852264. Pictured is a left-side example from W&N. Thanks much ...
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    WTB: switch escutcheon

    Seeking a single escutcheon for any of the E9 switches--very good condition desired. This is the threaded disk that pulls and holds the switch through the dash cutout. Thanks much.
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    SOLD. 2x Ash tray for the doors, BMW E3 E9 night-blue

    PM sent, thanks.
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    The Vintage 2017 Debrief

    A dehumidifier(s) in the garage space is great for peace of mind and to help counteract these cars' rustproofing shortcomings.
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    The Vintage May 19-21 2017 in Asheville NC

    Asheville has so many hotel and B&B options that one doesn't have to stay within earshot of the host hotel to be part of the action. Driving from one end of town to the other is less than 20 min, and you're bound to view great scenery and pass worthwhile dining options in the process. There is...
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    BMW Classis Parts that don't fit HELP

    E-mail sent. OEM BMW exhaust downpipes were not bent correctly to allow proper center muffler fit for a 1970 2800 CS.
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    Hyman Ltd Coupe

    An in-person inspection is a must for this one.
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    Transporter in US

    Sounds like Intercity (or Horseless, Plycar), would be the safest bets.
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    73 @Autokennel

    Is this Autokennel site slow for everyone else too?
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    piston to valve clearance

    Machine shops can quickly and cost effectively pressure check a cylinder head once it's off the car. The head coolant passages are blocked off so that air can be pumped in (~40 psi). Then the whole head is submerged in water to check for air bubbles. I recently paid ~$45 for this to be done...
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    piston to valve clearance

    During that initial topend overhaul, why wasn't the head pressure checked for cracks--the one that ultimatley caused the overheat?
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    techno classica 2014

    It was a fantastic show this year. My first time ... but everything lived up to the hype. Parts selection and availability (not just BMW) exceeded expectations--especially for the little things. Many cars sold during the first (preview) day, although frankly many could be sourced in the US.
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    The Vintage 2014

    Going but haven't decided on hotel yet. Last count revealed 9 E9s signed-up.
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    Imporing a Euro CSL to USA help

    I agree with @Tyler's advice. I used Cosdel for my containerized shipping since CARS never returned my e-mails. Same type of door to door brokerage / shipping service. Ro/Ro is a viable, cost-effective shipping method for cars that are not at risk of theft or magnates for joyriding. So a CSL...
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    Wow... really? No e9's for Sharkfest?

    A registration option that does not include dinner might prove a popular choice.
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    Thermostat and O-Ring Order

    I'm hesitant to believe that the OEM BMW parts diagrams are incorrect in regards to thermo gasket placement. As referenced by others and Sfdon above, it likely changes by year and thermo-housing design. The only evidence of a "leaking" themostat gasket would be a much longer warm-up period...
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    Wow... really? No e9's for Sharkfest?

    And what is this registration website ?? :?: