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  1. windnsea

    Any Interest in a SoCal Sumer Get Together?

    Would any E3 owners in SoCal be interested in getting together some Saturday? Now that my situation in Southern California has become less hectic as my duties as a living trust successor trustee have diminished and I've sold my beach house, I only have too much furniture and car projects to...
  2. windnsea

    3.07 LSD - Value??

    I think that "back when' I got ahold of the 3.07 it was going to be a back up to the 3.45 which is in the car. The trans is a Getrag 265/5. However, this 'forever a project' will be on the road and should be quite capable with the larger engine. Can't wait to start draining that 'North of...
  3. windnsea

    3.07 LSD - Value??

    I'm in escrow on a beach home that I own/will have owned in San Clemente CA, and going through things which I have stored there I discovered that I have a 3.07 LSD and a 3.64 open differential. The 3.07 is casting marked E24 and the 3.64 came out of my '71 Dietel Alpina Bavaria. Both will fit...
  4. windnsea

    Windshield Gasket Source??

    Thanks Chris I'll let him know. This BMW is finished in a silver grey and was bought many moons ago in Europe by a US serviceman who brought it back to the US. It is/was absolutely stock and beautiful. 2 summers ago he and his wife were driving back to Glendale from Santa Barbara with his...
  5. windnsea

    Windshield Gasket Source??

    I have a friend here in SoCal who is just finishing repainting/repairing a beautiful 2500 which was rear ended 2 years ago. He needs (new) seals for the front windshield and the rear window. Does anyone know of a source? I believe that the other guy's insurance company had agreed to pay the...
  6. windnsea

    BMW Manuals/Tech Info Values?

    I am contemplating getting rid of some of my collection of BMW literature, Books, etc. Does anyone know what the going price are for any of the following? 1. 2-volume sets of repair manuals (Blue Binders) for BMW 2500-3.3L. I have 2 sets in perfect condition that had updates through 1/76...
  7. windnsea

    WTB E3 fuel tank

    Don't forget, there are several configurations of E3 fuel tanks depending on whether or not you have one or two holes in it, etc.!
  8. windnsea

    Another CS from Beverly Hills Club

    My neighbor's son works for a auto transportation company based in Denver. He regularly comes into Los Angeles to deliver cars to the Beverly Hills Club. Some BHC simply flips, some they do a little to them prior to sale. If I were going to buy through them I would insist on being put in...
  9. windnsea

    e3 rust areas

    Also at the bottom corners of the doors. Fortunately, the E3's did not have places where water checks in and never checks out as the E9's have!
  10. windnsea

    Has anyone mounted rear 3 point belts in a Bavaria

    Years ago I took out the earlier "Hitler's Revenge" seat belts so that I could use the retractable 2nd generation on all 4 seats. Now, I have mounted more race oriented seat belts for the front seats with shoulder harnesses. That being said, I must also say that the car has not been on the...
  11. windnsea

    E3 Replacement waterpump and fan clutch

    IIRC, on a 3.5 setup the pulley goes on first, then an aluminum projection which (both) are bolted to the water pump flange with 4 bolts. Over the aluminum projection fits the fan clutch/fan and this assy is held in place with a center bolt. What I did to get more clearance for a fan belt...
  12. windnsea

    Manual steering Box Rebuild

    One thing to check when rebuilding is to see if there is any pitting on the surface of the gears. If so, it is 'possible' to repair by arc welding, but you need to use a very 'hard' rod to fill the pits. Then the fun, carefully filing the excess to the original curvature. Will need a very...
  13. windnsea

    Stereo update?

    In the front, 5-inch round 2-way speakers installed up on the kick panels. Both the glove box and the (l) access panel for the fuse box will still go down as normal. I also installed an aux. amp and put two 6x9 3 way speakers in the rear under the seats facing forward.
  14. windnsea

    BMW 2002 Round Tail Lights Value

    NOS 2002 Rear Tailights My 1984 BMW NS Automobile Suggested Parts Price Lists lists: Left Tailight @ $80.85 Right Tailight @ $87.13 ... Some things do increase in value with age!! ...So glad that I have a few sets of NOS in my storage area. ...Maybe they'll pay for my...
  15. windnsea

    CSL Clone -ebay

    Come on, Ron! You should have left the three a/c ducts coming out of the speaker grill location intact! It looked like a freighter had surfaced under the car and the vents were coming through from the engine compartment. Kinda looked like Medusa. Really though, you did a great job given...
  16. windnsea

    Rear Head Rests

    Bob, For the pix of the car on this website, here is the link: I'll try to find some time tomorrow to scan the two pages from the parts manual and put them on the thread. IRRC, the trunk compartment panel that affixes to the rear...
  17. windnsea

    Rear Head Rests

    Okay, so my first reply got me thinking as you said that they were not to be found over the internet. Glad that I have BMW original parts books from the 1970's! The bracket (2 each) are p/n 52201813047 The cover plugs ( 2 each) are p/n 52201809821 43-year old parts are invaluable...
  18. windnsea

    Rear Head Rests

    You'll have to venture up to Pasadena and check-out my E3 Alpina. There is a metal bracket for each rear headreast that bolts to the trunk side of the rear bulkhead. This provides the ability to set the headreast at more than one height. The black plastic protective covers that cover the...
  19. windnsea

    Do E12 Front and Rear Sway Bars Fit the Bavaria?

    The Suspension Techniques bars for an E12 will also fit an E3. Have done a few of these for friends some years back.
  20. windnsea

    m5 clutch with 3.0cs flywheel

    The earlier M5's went through a litany of clutch/flywheels. The best of the evolution was after 9/92 with the modified dual weight flywheel and it's associated clutch components (IFIRRC), a modified clutch and clutch disc. Go to and surf the years for the flywheels, and the...