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  1. Marco 54

    Rear carpet question

    Hi Mark The carpets are from a 1973 CSL. By way of completeness I attach below photos of the front mats. Cheers.
  2. Marco 54

    Rear carpet question

    Hi Mark I attach a photo of a pair of original rear mats. I hope this helps. Cheers.
  3. Marco 54

    FS: Windsplit decals

    Now that is detail. The scale model in the photograph is a beauty - it could almost pass as the real thing.:D
  4. Marco 54

    The IKEA effect and the lack of a Rule Book

    Well done Jeff - the most considered and thought provoking contribution for a long time. If I told my mates what I have spent on an E9 restoration they would send for the men in white coats; and I might volunteer to go with them.:p
  5. Marco 54

    My Baby is done... Thanks for all your help!!!!

    I think most of us would agree with Gary's general summary but in UK law there can be exceptional cases. I quote from a UK Court of Appeal case, which involved a leading car braking 'for no good reason' before being struck by a following car. The general principle is that each driver owes the...
  6. Marco 54

    Naphill classics show

    Nice one, Drew - looking good. The pit crew have earned a rest after all that polishing.;)
  7. Marco 54

    CSL Barnfind

    Complete with a Liverpool registration number (KC) HKC 669L. My old 2002 was HKC 1L.;)
  8. Marco 54

    Share your ....inspiring interiors

    Couldn't agree more - a really classy combination.
  9. Marco 54

    Site Donor

    To Dan and Mark Many thanks for your efforts. This show is well worth the price of admission.;)
  10. Marco 54

    Site Donor

    Well said, Keshav - a timely reminder to us all not to take this site for granted.
  11. Marco 54

    CSL Barn Find 2285251

    That young man has effortless power - he has levitated both the engine and little Lola at the same time.;)
  12. Marco 54

    How many RHD CSI's ?

    Hi Wes As Ian identified above the following is a useful source of information about UK registered cars - Cheers.
  13. Marco 54

    RHD E9 Auction - the results are in

    In UK many people like to 'personalise' their car by way of an appropriate (sometimes inappropriate) car number. The right to use a registration number is authorised by Government (the DVLA - Driver and Vehicle licensing Agency). Some registration numbers are sold by private dealers and others...
  14. Marco 54

    Front Inner Fender Assembly Question

    Hi Paul The BMW diagrams are misleading as the parts are not drawn to scale. I hope this helps!!! Cheers, Paul. Marco54
  15. Marco 54

    RHD E9 Auction - the results are in

    Hi again Keshav Am I right in thinking that no RHD CSLs were originally available in this colour?
  16. Marco 54

    RHD E9 Auction - the results are in

    We can always rely on Keshav to have his finger on the pulse.;)
  17. Marco 54

    RHD E9 Auction - the results are in

    I wonder what proportion of the price was paid for the registration number?
  18. Marco 54

    KHM Headliner

    Members may recall that Keshav and I approached KHM with regard to a discounted price on carpet sets to Members over the winter months (Dec, Jan, Feb). Following our initial contact we were also informed of the availability of white headliner. We asked about the availability of the black CSL...
  19. Marco 54

    W&N Grilles now available

    See -