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  1. Dohn

    Vintage plans?

    Don, I'll do my best to get us a good spot. Looks like the shadiest areas are all 5-series and M cars, but I'll do what I can. Steve, I've seen your car, and prepping is not a concern. Glad you will make it! See you there...
  2. Dohn

    Vintage plans?

    I'll have my e9. Volunteering at the Foundation Friday, and helping with set-up at The Vintage on Saturday, so I'll be there early. I'll try to get us a prime spot! Wouldn't mind some shade for a change...
  3. Dohn

    Turkis on BAT

    Beautiful car. Should end up in the $70K range, I think.
  4. Dohn

    Windshield wiper arm question

    A related question. Did all the years have the little wind deflector on the driver's side wiper arm? My '74 has black arms, but no deflectors. I suspect they're not original, but thought I would ask.
  5. Dohn

    daily E9

    Parked your coupe next to a current 3-series lately? That's what safety standards and broadening backsides have done to cars in the past 50 years. Yes, the coupe is extraordinarily beautiful, but many of the things that make it so could pass neither current standards, nor buyer expectations...
  6. Dohn

    Robert Downey Jr's E9

    I'm not in love with the color choices, but I like the fact they interpreted the interior into a more modern look without going too space age. Little touches like the fabric pockets in the doors, the armrest/cupholder/handbrake design, leather coverings on all the temperature controls, all are...
  7. Dohn

    Roundel member profile: Chris Macha

    I'm thinking left lane is BMW only...
  8. Dohn

    74 in NY

    And the entire panel between the taillights, and the driver's side door ashtray, and, and, and... $135K?
  9. Dohn

    W+N has solved the chrome + black hood / fender grilles

    Since I recently paid $400 for a pair of NOS chrome side grilles, this price seems more than fair, if a little tardy for me. I stayed with the black bonnet grilles, since my car is black, as I don't see those as a styling element like the side grilles, but I might get some chrome ones now, just...
  10. Dohn

    Anyone need a metal bender?

    What a man cave...
  11. Dohn

    Member List

    Stephen doesn't want to be part of any group that would have him as a member. (With thanks to Groucho Marx).
  12. Dohn

    Jay Leno's Garage

    I understand Jay does his filming in one take, so you have to be ready. I love that he's a true car guy, not in it because he had some spare cash, or only for the investment. Congratulations on the interview, and the tour! That Jag is spectacular. That beautiful body with modern running gear...
  13. Dohn

    E30 325e Coupe?

    The "e" stands for "eta", and it was a detuned version sold mostly in the U.S. during a surge in gas prices. Fuel economy was all-important; performance was not.
  14. Dohn

    Kudos to you ?

    Yes, them are good doughnuts. OSAR!
  15. Dohn

    1972 BMW 3.0CS Project

    My '74 is black (although originally Amazon Green; painted by PO). Scottevest's recently repainted '74 is also black.
  16. Dohn

    Boston: 1972 Bavaria - $5K

    They make boats for that...
  17. Dohn

    History of My 1974 BMW 3.0CS

    Really, someone complimented the diving board bumpers? Thank you! Although I wish mine looked as even and shiny as these. The anodizing gives mine an uneven finish. I know you can strip it off and polish the aluminum, but I'm a bit hesitant to try, since if it didn't work I'd be in deeper...
  18. Dohn

    Well yes officer this the “sporty” model....

    Y'all ain't from around here, are ya, boy...
  19. Dohn

    Big dollar CSi on ebay

    The big bumpers were for the US only. I parked my US '74 coupe next to a Euro '74 coupe at the BMW CCA Oktoberfest concours, and he had the chrome bumpers everyone prefers. There are other details unique to the US '74 model, as well, which makes finding certain replacement parts a bit of a...