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  1. Frankie123

    Walloth & Nesch suspension parts?

    Great tip
  2. Frankie123

    FS: Reproduction Tail Light Lenses

    Hi Peter were these ill fitting lenses from the same supplier?
  3. Frankie123

    eBay granatrot

    This is an Aussie car from a pretty reputable restorer. Great colour in the flesh
  4. Frankie123

    Ford vs Ferrari Official Trailer

    Looks incredible. Great cast too
  5. Frankie123

    CSL Barn Find 2285251

    Looks like some top quality progress Wes. Great job
  6. Frankie123

    Petri fanaticism

    Screws have arrived in Australia Dan. Big thanks for doing this
  7. Frankie123

    How to refinish center console aluminim trim

    +1 on the “how to section” idea :D
  8. Frankie123

    How to refinish center console aluminim trim

    Hi DeQ Any chance of you posting a link to revive the other threads for center and side panel refurbishment?
  9. Frankie123

    Inka '73 @ Aussie museum sale

    Mal is there anywhere that lists the final selling prices of the cars that were sold?
  10. Frankie123

    Inka '73 @ Aussie museum sale

    Wow! Now that’s surprising considering the glut of other e9’s Currently on the market.
  11. Frankie123


    Got me stumped too
  12. Frankie123

    Pair of 2000cs 82mm cloisonne badges

    Who restores these???
  13. Frankie123

    Petri fanaticism

    No problem
  14. Frankie123

    Petri fanaticism

    Anyone needing these in Australia can have their stock forwarded to me and I am happy to distribute locally when I get them. I will wait about a month before finalising numbers.
  15. Frankie123

    Inka '73 @ Aussie museum sale

    I was very close to pulling the trigger and purchasing this car when I was ready to purchase. I agree with Mal, it’s a nice car but it needs a couple of things sorted to get it right. I probably would have went through with a purchase had they not over inflated their asking price on 2 separate...
  16. Frankie123

    Looking for Lowering Springs

    Chris are e12 springs a direct swap all around for e9 or just the fronts?
  17. Frankie123

    1974 window switches

    I’m having the same problem with mine with the chrome flaking off. Haven’t been able to find a work around :(
  18. Frankie123

    1974 window switches

    Might try and see if I can find a cheap used 61311361305 and see if it is the same fit.
  19. Frankie123

    1974 window switches

    Hi Peter Just wondering if you were able to find out if the 2 part numbers were the same?