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    WTB > Bavaria Front Bumper

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    WTB > Bavaria Front Bumper

    Looking for a decent, driver quality front bumper. Thanks- Richard
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    WTB > Series 2 Door Cards in Tan

    bump... uncut please
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    Spring is here... kinda

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    Are these Alpina Wheels ?

    No, Alpinas are 14" x 7" and have smoother spokes without the ridges on the sides of the spokes.
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    WTB > Series 2 Door Cards in Tan

    Looking for some light tan door cards for 74' and up cars. Thanks- Richard
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    Petri BMW horn contact ring

    Plus 2 for me please
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    Colours and interior upholstery brochure 9/1973

    Lowell, If you'd like to take this one you can... I've got another one. Post her if you want to take it otherwise I'll send payment to Lorenzo. Thanks- Richard
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    Colours and interior upholstery brochure 9/1973

    I'll take this one Lorenzo. Thanks
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    3.0 CS at Motorcar Studio

    These guys usually have some good looking cars, they had the Taiga E3 awhile back that looked really nice... still kicking myself for not jumping on that one!
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    the TC2019

    Any more shots of the Colorado CSL?
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    72 CSL on BAT -wow!

    Those rear side markers are a mystery to me.
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    Here in the States many coupes with overdrives are running 3.5 and bigger engines as well. I will concede, unusable is an exaggeration, but I stand by preference for a CR box for a stock, 3 liter, injected E9. Actually, there is nothing wrong with the 4spd- there's something special about...
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    Curious how many here run a 3.25 diff with an overdrive? I had a 72 CSi the PO set up that way and 5th was unusable for 99% of real world driving in a classic car. Maybe the autobahn or runs across Montana? The overdriven 5 speed rage in the US has a lot to due with all the 3.45 and 3.64...
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    IMO, a close ratio 5 is the perfect combo for the 3.25 diff in a CSi... and overdrive is a waist of two gears.
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    CSL Myth busters

    Agree- that’s most likely
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    Schnitzer CSL race parts

    Did the ZF transmission sell?
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    CSL Myth busters

    I suppose what makes collecting is the fussing over the details and the perception of rarity (real or perceived)... that's why we want to separate out a rare car into even smaller subcategories until we get down to the # of colors or features (or lack of features in this case). Chris- my...
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    CSL Myth busters

    A "lightweight" injected CSL would be only slightly heavier due to the injection system versus carbs... in actuality (no on knows) there are very few of those as delivered from the factory. The thing about a carb'd CSL is that you know exactly how it was designed and delivered... no stories...