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    opinion on lifts

    I couldn’t decide so I have both. when I got mine, Bendpak had different version of same lift, tall, narrow, wide, short, long.My shop is narrow, so both an are built narrow, and tall. I have 12 foot 4 inch ceiling height and wanted to walk under them. Clear floor is a must, as I followed peter...
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    1972 BMW Bavaria - $9800
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    Craigslist BMW Finds:
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    Dip Stick Tube Weeping

    FWIW, here is what the factory tool for tapping it back in looks like...
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    **SOLD: For sale: Blue arm rest set

    It’s just an expression? colloquialism? that is meant to mean the general audience. It has long lost any negative connotations.
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    73? CS on CL $21k

    You should know by now...there are only a few people competing for errors and self deprecation Here is adsave of Cheers
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    A Tale of Two Bimmers

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    73? CS on CL $21k
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    72 CSL on BAT -wow!

    In BC for collector plate You need a publicly visible VIN I don’t think it has to be original tho
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    tool tip

    Only available in Canada and some of its subsidiaries Washington etc...
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    Overwhelmed E3 owner

    Pretty sure my kids will be throwing my hoard into a dumpster! The parts are more liability than asset.
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    Fender side grills- posts break.

    How about 3m or similar tape made for this type of attachment? Remove with dental floss.
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    WTB--Lug studs from an E3/Bavaria that are at least 1 3/4" long

    Barely on topic of the uses of this tool is to line up the holes when you change to your spare tire the E9 tool kit has this version...
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    WTB one of those swan neck lights that fit into the cigar lighter

    Sorting through some old books.... Here is the 80s version. I may have been dreaming but isnt that gooseneck still available for a later, 2000 and something, 5er?
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    FS: OEM First Aid Kit Pillow / Cushion

    I like to think they were special kits for the black interior of the Canadian e28 M5>quote “ BMW of North America was forced to limit the model's specification to just two color schemes: Black (086) with a Natur (tan) leather interior and (officially for Canada only) Black (086) with a black...
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    FS: OEM First Aid Kit Pillow / Cushion

    I have never seen a black one. Well other than mine :) Does yours still have the chalk for drawing the silhouette of the dead bodies...
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    FS 14 pounds of FIAT books

    Some serious use of the foldout... I dig reading these old trivia mines... So many of these have hidden jems, nice big electrical diagrams and funk 2 ring binders with logos... The fiat rust protection promotion...
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    FS 14 pounds of FIAT books

    FA! Fiat stuff is a hard sell. Unless. is x19 or 124 I think I had an offer of 13$US :-). FWIW, I quite enjoy selling on eBay so I will break into more comprehensible lots and float it there. some neat little snippets in that lot...maybe pin a few here for fun.... Lemons?
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    FS 14 pounds of FIAT books

    Anyone FIAT interested in making an offline offer on this stuff. It’s about 50$ US to ship. Canada Post! 12x14x14 inches Almost 14 pounds Some interesting dealer only stuff.
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    FS: 1973 Bav e3 in North Jersey Just for a laugh putting Jersey Coupe here as an exercise in contrast to the OP Too bad this old jersey got left with all the cranky bulls in the soggy pasture And by that I mean The tires are covered in mud, I...