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  1. decoupe

    Starter out to replace trans?

    Bosch SR441x - smaller, lighter and more torque. Fits the e9 and was used on 1988-1989 E24 6 Series 635csi 1/1988-9/1988 E28 5 Series 535i 535is 1989-1993 E34 5 Series 535i M5
  2. decoupe

    Bad vibrations

    Motor mounts in good shape? Oooops - just read more carefully....
  3. decoupe

    2800 Restoration Thread

    Somewhat related to motor mounts I asked a BMW specialist shop for any suggestions after telling him about my efforts to eliminate a driveline vibration (most noticeable around 30-40mph) and he suggested replacing my motor mounts which I immediately discounted as a factor. Having seen...
  4. decoupe

    Style 5 Torque

    Thanks for that Bert - wish I had seen it before. My Style 42 BBS aren't a bolt/nut fastener - the Style 42 wheel barrel is tapped for the bolt - not sure where that leaves me in the torque discussion.
  5. decoupe

    Style 5 Torque

    Titanium vs steel might explain the difference in torque values? Race grade vs road? Would the steel snap if torqued to 25? Everything I could find trolling the internet seemed to confirm the 18-20 and that seems consistent for torque with the diameter of the bolt. I emailed BBS America...
  6. decoupe

    Style 5 Torque

    The consensus when I refurb'd my wheels was 18-20lbs and I believe I used Locktite on the threads as well. Doug
  7. decoupe

    Adding photos to an ad?

    87kb photo Thought I would try to see what that limit will produce. I guess that isn't all that bad - thanks for sharing the hint HB Chris.
  8. decoupe

    Adding photos to an ad?

    The Attachment Key shows a limit of 97kb so no way to upload larger file size this way - means a photo hosting site is needed for larger files. Correct?
  9. decoupe

    What did you do to your E9 today?

    That is encouraging to hear. Good luck and I wish VSR was a little closer. Doug
  10. decoupe

    Looking for an E9

    I live one hour outside of Calgary where the CSi is (was?) located if you want someone to look at it for you. PM me if you can contact him and arrange a look see. Doug
  11. decoupe

    What did you do to your E9 today?

    Did Mario say this could be repaired without removing the fender or does the multiple pieces and layers of metal mean off with the front? Yes I share the same issue but to a lesser extent. Doug
  12. decoupe

    e9 on Petrolicious Auction

    Any one interested? Usual disclaimer of affiliation or financial benefit on my part.
  13. decoupe

    The Paul Cain Seatbelt Mod

    Rear Quarter seatbelt I did something like (but not nearly as nice) the Paul Cain installation out of left over parts and some helicopter inertia reel seat belts and e21 bits and pieces. The roll bar allowed me to position the top point where I wanted it but made the installation of the...
  14. decoupe

    e9 on Petrolicious
  15. decoupe

    16x7 Refurbished BBS Mahle

    The picture Green's show on the link is of a one piece wheel they did so pretty sure widening the Mahles is possible. The economics are another matter - currency, shipping etc.
  16. decoupe

    16x7 Refurbished BBS Mahle

    You can also turn two of these into 8 x 16 ET 24 by taking them to a good shop like Green's and have an inch added to the inside wheel barrel. Staggered Mahle would look good on the coupe.
  17. decoupe

    72 Restomod clubracer build

    I'm going to miss this build when you are done. Great sounding motor but I'm really looking forward to your comments on all the suspension modifications you have done. Thanks for sharing the process. Doug
  18. decoupe

    Brake Booster Kaput

    On the cross section of the brake booster photo attached - the angled and tapered cylinder that the booster attaches to is what I refer to as the mounting neck and that is what you have to shorten to get more clearance for your triple webers. The other link shows the entire mounting bracket...
  19. decoupe

    What Stickers Adorn Your E9?

    The Stig family.