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    Aston Martin Zagato.... wow

    If there's any interest, contact me at Park Place Aston Martin in Bellevue, WA. Only a handful are still available --- We can get you one! 425-562-1000
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    Art of Racing in the Rain

    Here's my race car driver ...
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    Reunited My E9 with Original Owner After 26 Years!

    A beautiful story on multiple levels! Cheers to all!
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    Recommendations for Parts?

    anyone else use Steve at ? i'll give him 2-Thumbs Up.
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    Heater Panel Decals/AC/Wash + Wipe Stalk

    I’d like set of A/C in German. Will PayPal funds this morning. Thanks! Steve
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    Looks nice on ebay - nm/na
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    Parts Assortment

    i'd like the toolkit, please. let me know pmt info. Thanks!
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    Petri BMW horn contact ring

    I think I should get one also. - If you're able to attach mine to a Petri wheel and hub, that'd be best case scenario. (Haha!) (Marcos and I are fairly close proximity, so maybe ship ours together?) I do not have a Petri wheel but am on the hunt currently ,,, please let me know if anone has a...
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    Brass coolant tanks on ebay

    nm/na. -- looks like a decent price.
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    Unaffiliated CL: '68 NK Sedan in Boston Area $2500

    That's totally worthy of a save! Very cool and super rare .
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    Fog Light Cutout

    I'd be grateful to be able to use your template, Mark. Ping me when it's back in town. Thanks! steve
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    Ebay 3.0csi ends soon

    Have not seen this one discussed.... Looks potentially solid from here.
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    Looking for this early steering wheel...

    Here’s one on De-bay
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    Trim piece behind door

    I’m after these same pieces. If Chuck passes, or if there’s another set available I’d love to get a set. Condition decent or better, I have no rears and my fronts are just decent. Thanks in advance! Steve
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    Need Sunvisor brackets

    the hex 'socket' and the rod are separate pieces. the rod is intended to spin freely in the socket with it's slightly tapered section and the sockets appear to have had some old factory adhesive to help keep em in the plastic’s hole, and that had deteriorated on a few of mine too. Once they...
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    Need Sunvisor brackets

    The metal hex pieces are still embedded into mine. I built-up a layer of Steve-o's Secret Sauce at the top a bit to better secure it so they’re now a tad more rounded at the hole. The original rods fit and work perfectly.
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    Need Sunvisor brackets

    The results of my resto thus far. I’ll try to find the before pics, but trust me, totally cracked and actually missing some small pieces. I also used a dremel to carve the screw holes on a couple. A little light bondo was used with some primer to get a nice surface. A few krylon for plastic...
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    Need Sunvisor brackets

    Not sure of the physics involved but Steve-o's Secret Sauce creates a very hard plastic-like filler/binder. I primed the pieces with thinner on a q-tip. I then moistened the broken pieces with water and dipped/coated the edges in soda and injected the cyanoacrylate glue. Didn't try to do the...
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    Need Sunvisor brackets

    I've just finished rebuilding my old busted into pieces visor pivots using lacquer thinner as a primer and then Steve-o's Secret Sauce (water, baking soda, and super glue) as my bonding agent. Works amazingly well and after filing, sanding and paint they are looking great to me.
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    Who wants accurately made engine decals?

    I would like to be on the list for a set of stickers that are correct for my 74 USA model. Thanks! Steve