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  1. teahead

    Vintage E9/Porsche Scheel Seats

    Didn't think CSLs had reclining Scheels.
  2. teahead

    BAT: 1973 BMW 3.0CS 5-Speed Polaris Silver over Navy Blue

    Are inner fenders supposed to be spray-bombed black? Just curious as the undercoating on the floor pans looks a lot lighter:
  3. teahead

    BAT: 1973 BMW 3.0CS 5-Speed Polaris Silver over Navy Blue

    Just needs a few more pictures to show it's all solid: - behind glove/fuse box doors. - lower rocker covers removed - boroscope camera in those rockers and underneath the fenders. I would imagine, serious bidders bidding six figures, they would want to see it in person.
  4. teahead

    BAT: 1973 BMW 3.0CS 5-Speed Polaris Silver over Navy Blue

    Ya, I'm thinking $110k. This car is superb. What a 1-, 2+ car should be. What's nice about a car restored in the 1990s, is that you can see how well it's done by the current condition some 30+ years later. No bubbling, etc. that I can see. Not sure if a factory automatic-->stick shift hurts...
  5. teahead

    71 CSi Project in BaT

    The issue w/these E9s are, you can spend $40k on one and it's going to probably need a lot of body work as well. Crusty cars like this BAT car can definitely be saved, but with sheetmetal that requires HAND-FORMING because the part is not reproduced anywhere, the restoration skyrockets. They...
  6. teahead

    Any Pagoda owners here?

    Was looking at one (280SL) locally here and wondering what's all to look out for? The usual? Rust, but where? Front Fender notches? Spot welds? Clunky automatics? Smoke from exhaust?
  7. teahead

    BMW 3.0csi at Copley Motor Cars

    Hard to say w/o going over it w/a fine tooth comb. Wouldn't be too hard to blast the inner fenders w/some dustless blasting, treat the surface rust, and then undercoat it all.
  8. teahead

    intake runners 320i

    Are you sure the holes go all the way through? I wouldn't think so. I have a set. will have to dig them out of the box to see for sure:
  9. teahead

    E9 for Sale

    Occasionally they sell some decent E9s, but more often, rot boxes. He definitely has cornered the market of rusty E9s. Last year, BHCC was selling a VERY SOLID CSi which I was trying to get you guys to buy. He offered it me for $12,500. I would have snagged it if I had room for it. Wonder...
  10. teahead

    Critique the condition of these spark plugs please

    BEFORE: Yes, I would say improvement!
  11. teahead

    BAT 1970 BMW 2800CS 5-Speed Baikal Blue over a red leather

    Real nice condition! Not sure about that red console. I say, $80k - $25k (for being a 2800CS) ;)
  12. teahead

    Hagerty on CS value increase

    There ARE a lot of differences, but $25k worth? Really? :rolleyes:
  13. teahead

    1972 BMW 3.0CS 3.5L 5-Speed BAT Fjord Blue

    And not enough pictures of critical areas. Kind of cagey of the seller IMHO. Also, not sure why, but that Fjord sure Looks almost like Riviera. THIS E9 looks like the Fjord I'm used to:
  14. teahead

    Selling my '51 GMC... eBay was a bust Take the $7k and run.
  15. teahead

    Selling my '51 GMC... eBay was a bust

    Ebay is great for exposure, but sub $10k cars don't get love because of the high cost for transportation. Another issue is that truck, although cool, is completely stock. Folks who want completely stock relics are old and dying and don't want a project. If it was dropped with a modern-ish...
  16. teahead

    New Member SF California

    Pics please! It's the SHOW part of SHOW&TELL!
  17. teahead

    The IKEA effect and the lack of a Rule Book

    The internet has created #1 condition envy. It not only has allowed us tons of information to get it to #1, and parts availability, but also seeing others' cars in excellent condition and going for big bux. Before the internet, my standard was what I seen in a few magazines and car shows. But...
  18. teahead

    Instrument Gauge LED Lights

    I put LEDs on my beater Mercedes. I really like them, but be sure they'll fit. I had to buy special ones that are very tiny. ALso, most LEDs are not dimmable. But you probably won't need to dim them. I chose GREEN. I like em. They're also not as bright as it looks like in the picture.
  19. teahead

    Hagerty on CS value increase

    "...even though a 2800CS is still worth about 25 grand less than a 3.0CS in #2 condition. " Really? I seriously doubt that.
  20. teahead

    sunroof not working

    unzip the headliner?