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  1. HB Chris

    Hey, widen your horizons, Buy my Corvair

    These last gen Corvairs are great looking vehicles.
  2. HB Chris

    1974 BMW CSE

    The local chapter of Tall Guys SoCal, lol. Great visit, I'm so impressed with the vision and execution to pull off a project this daunting in my eyes.
  3. HB Chris

    BAT: 1973 BMW 3.0CS 5-Speed Polaris Silver over Navy Blue

    Wheel wells were always body color. Firewall is perfect as one would expect. I can’t fault anyone for leaving the side markers. Oh, notice the dark grey subframes and struts.
  4. HB Chris

    BAT: 1973 BMW 3.0CS 5-Speed Polaris Silver over Navy Blue

    I have seen Pelly’s coupe and it should do very well, higher than the last two coupes that went for around$78K.
  5. HB Chris

    no reserve '73 CSi at Barrett-Jackson NorthEast auction

    It might be injected but it isn’t a CSi and the VIN is wrong in the ad. It’s a US 73.
  6. HB Chris

    Any Pagoda owners here?

    And I had a 67 230SL for eight years which I sold to buy my coupe. Nice car and it turned a lot of heads but I always wanted a true GT which is now my coupe. I think the 230SLs are more pure, more chrome vs. satin metal, no headrests or side marker lights, two piece hubcaps, fog lights in the...
  7. HB Chris

    4310316 begins

    Great news. Be sure and fill out the form to cancel your action with the court once your coupe is home.
  8. HB Chris

    Relays in the '74 electrical circuits

    I have spare relays for you. Interesting that the wiring diagram appears to show only one relay and it is labeled fog but you can see the wires to the hi beams as well.
  9. HB Chris

    intake runners 320i

    Perhaps these are different but the e21 ones I bought for my b35, the holes went all of the way thru. I found out I hadn’t plugged two of them when I first started the motor and I had a massive vacuum leak. Mine didn’t have the webs either.
  10. HB Chris

    jack placement question

    Well, date codes started in 1971 as a three digit number so you are probably correct.
  11. HB Chris

    Relays in the '74 electrical circuits

    Bo, what happens when you move the horn relay to the spot for the fog relay? That is the one with one red and two white, correct? Everything should work. I have a spare relay when I see you tomorrow.
  12. HB Chris

    jack placement question

    Wise choice!
  13. HB Chris

    jack placement question

    I don’t think the new chock will look like the original, post a pic when you get it.
  14. HB Chris

    Walloth Order (Done!)

    Anyone here placing an order with Walloth? I need the rubber trim strips for the rocker trim for my 2002, forgot to include it in my $750 order! Thank you Don!
  15. HB Chris

    Gauges out, Speedo repaired

    Bo, there is a speedo guy near me who is very affordable
  16. HB Chris

    pair of front struts, $200 + shipping

    Only the e3 changed in 74, initially it was thought that the e9 changed too but it did not.
  17. HB Chris

    E9 for Sale

    Funny how their ads always feature the dual headrests as if they were an option.
  18. HB Chris

    Rear carpet question

    I wonder if the smaller one is from a 2002. Does it have the third snap under the seat area?
  19. HB Chris

    FS: Cibie 35 Clear Fog Lights

    Fog lights are meant for under bumper mounting.
  20. HB Chris

    Brake Booster rebuild service

    Oops, I thought his first website was boosters.