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  1. craterface

    BMW 3.0csi at Copley Motor Cars

    I think the issue is the seams. Fenders need to come off in order to get the seams treated, IMO. I just bought another coupe recently, and the PO did basically as you describe, except he pulled both front fenders to expose everything. It was a long term SoCal car, but it still had surface...
  2. craterface

    BMW 3.0csi at Copley Motor Cars

    I received an email from them today about this car. They had it for sale last fall and then loaned it out for a movie apparently. I looked at it closely last fall and drove it. It drove beautifully. Here's the trouble--there was a lot of surface rust underneath the front fenders. I stuck my...
  3. craterface

    headliner - material and reuse

    I am the guy who had SMS make the first headliner material in the correct pattern--for a CSL in black. I have had the headliner installed for three years. No issues. Installed by Vintage Sports and restoration in New Hampshire. My original CSL headliner was too far gone to re use, but I cut...
  4. craterface

    1972 BMW 3.0CS 3.5L 5-Speed BAT Fjord Blue

    I agree, paint looks flat, but it may be the lighting. Overall, the photos were pretty blah for a car at that price point.
  5. craterface

    WTB manual swap parts

    Try Bavman on this forum to see what parts he may have. I gave my partially parted out e9 to him a few years back, not sure what he has done with it. Also, if there are parts you need, try Carl Nelson who did the write up mentioned above.
  6. craterface

    Sun Visor clip unobtainium

    No. I ordered the whole shebang for my birthday from coupeking. 575 for restored visors with new pivots. Pivots 375, visors 200. Visors are repainted old ones and look very nice. Very happy. Just expensive.
  7. craterface

    future CS and CSL models

    Agree. I had an e30 M3 here in the states, and it came standard with leather seats, power sunroof, power door locks, etc. I was way too refined for me. Simply not raw enough Heresy to some. Let's see a decontented lightweight 2 series, with lighter and perhaps skinnier wheels and tires, no...
  8. craterface

    Sun Visor clip unobtainium

    Uh, hate to break it to you, but Gransin is right. I just called Carl and ordered two. His website is
  9. craterface

    Two Veronas, one gets the attention

    I first "saw" an e9 in a Road and Track "Used Car Classic" article in the late 1980s. There were none where I ws raised in central Virginia. There was no dealer until the 630/633 era of the BMW coupes, so that was the first exotic BMW I ever saw. Then Road and Track published an article on...
  10. craterface

    New tax rule on collector cars

    What Jay said. This was discussed in a recent issue of Sports Car Market in their legal column.
  11. craterface

    Oldenzaal Polaris resto 72 CSi, $100K Here are the pix No borescope pix under the front fenders or pix with rocker covers off. But otherwise a sharp presentation.
  12. craterface

    Steering wheel ID needed

    The CSL is staying for now. It will be at the Quail this summer and hopefully some other stuff on the east coast in 2020. Ultimately, I may sell it, because I have kids ages 17, 14, and 11 who will probably wind up at expensive colleges. We will see where they end up and what kind of bills...
  13. craterface

    Steering wheel ID needed

    It’s this one. I am very, very happy with the car. Drives beautifullly. Needs some final improvements (driver floor pan and new leather interior, refit hood and trunk) but making these improvements is part of the fun. A lot of the heavy lifting, including thorough rust remediation and...
  14. craterface

    Steering wheel ID needed

    Mystery solved! Popped the horn button off. It’s a Momo adapter and possibly a generic Italian wheel. Will post soon for sale. Thanks everyone!
  15. craterface

    Steering wheel ID needed

    This came off the 1970 2800cs coupe I just bought. It is approximately 35cm. All wood rim. No ID except it says “Italy 7-81”. It’s a lovely wheel. But I like the look and feel of the standard “bus” 40cm wheel, so I put that on. Any idea what the adapter hub fits? (Momo, Nardi etc?). Any...
  16. craterface

    72 CSL on BAT -wow!

    Agree, I comment often on BaT , but only on cars like the ones I own or used to own. I wish others would do the same. But there are some great and knowledgeable folks on the site, like Ed Levin (aka, EdL, Lancia and anything Italian), Mike Baum (aka MBaum, ditto), David Eichenbaum (deichenb...
  17. craterface

    72 Bavaria for sale whole car or parts

    Pm sent
  18. craterface

    72 CSL on BAT -wow!

    The market is so thin for LHD injected cars, it is hard to read. So many more Bats have come up for public sale. Only an auction setting can establish a value for a LHD injected car, since there are so few comps. Slightly well bought, but only slightly.
  19. craterface

    72 CSL on BAT -wow!

    I would like to see pix with rocker covers off and borescope pix under the front fenders. Otherwise I assume rust. Rocker covers may be riveted instead of screwed on. So not as easy to take off. I think 150k for this car is reasonable, then spend another 50-100k making it solid.
  20. craterface

    72 CSL on BAT -wow!

    My car is "city pack" but came with the thin black felt carpeting as standard. I have it in a box, after replacing it with new thin black felt carpet.