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  1. adawil2002

    New Member SF California

    Hi Bruce, Vibrant old BMW community in the SF Bay area, I have a lot of friends there. Athena, my CSi and I will be at The Concours on the Avenue in Carmel August 13th, Legends of the Autobahn the 16th and Laguna Seca the 17th. There is usually a E9 Gathering Thursday evening the 15th in...
  2. adawil2002

    Instrument Gauge LED Lights

    For tail lights I used aluminum tape to restore the reflectors. Simple inexpensive and works wonders for brightness. I refuse to use LEDs when Incandescent bulbs are very inexpensive and readily available.
  3. adawil2002

    Targa California 2019

    Had a delightful time enjoyed every minute of it. Photos by Doug Park & Kyle Van Hoften
  4. adawil2002

    '67 2000CS resto...Papa's Church Car

    Any thoughts on OktoberFest in October in Greer, SC?
  5. adawil2002

    Andrew Wilson's '73 CSi

    Had fun washing Athena after the Nacimiento-Fergusson Highway run during The Targa California.
  6. adawil2002

    What did you do to your E9 today?

    Drove the Nacimiento-Fergusson Highway with a couple of friends. Had lunch at the Baja Cantina then dropped Athena at storage.
  7. adawil2002

    What did you do to your E9 today?

    Drove around Santa Monica & Malibu. Could get used to this pretty easily.
  8. adawil2002

    opinion on lifts

    I have a 4-post lift which I’ve had since 2011when I bought Athena. Purchased through Gemini in Texas. Says it’s made in the USA. I have the bridge jack, sliding tool tray and 4 casters. Took two of us a day and half to assemble. I am going to purchase another 4-post in the near future. They...
  9. adawil2002

    1 window works and 3 do not

    My windows used to get stuck due to the motors over torquing against the stops. Used to use the window tool or a slot screw driver to release the tension. Eventually replaced the worn rubber stops and now they don't get stuck as much.
  10. adawil2002

    Which color blue is this?

    OCoupe's CSi is Nachtblau. which isn't as bright as the car in question.
  11. adawil2002

    Which color blue is this?

    Looks like a later BMW color, Avus Blue
  12. adawil2002

    Tool Kit Questions

    I keep the window comb in the driver side map pocket.
  13. adawil2002

    WTB 6mm Spring Wave Washer(s)

    Have you searched your local hardware or asked at the auto parts stores?
  14. adawil2002

    High pitch whine comes and goes above 30mph...

    Thought I had a sound from the engine bay and it was a wheel bearing.
  15. adawil2002

    4310316 begins

    Glad to read you are staying the course. Keep in mind wiring and tracing circuits takes a lot of time and in turn money. Recently had to have my D-Jet wiring harness gone through to find a single broken wire, it was well over $3K.
  16. adawil2002

    Vintage plans?

    Glad you found a talented Paintless Dent Removal guy. It's amazing what they can do. Up here in the Perpetual Winterlands, we have a PDR whisperer, literally works what I consider miracles, on my BMWs
  17. adawil2002

    GARAGE going away... please read.

    OK, no worries here.
  18. adawil2002

    Andrew Wilson's '73 CSi

    Yes she does.
  19. adawil2002

    Cleaning and Detailing Questions

    I use a combination of Lexol Leather Cleaner and Zymol Leather Conditioner, Zymol is the best smelling stuff on the market. For wheels I use a product called Opti-Coat Ferex which turns purple with brake dust. Also use a small wool brush from Griot's to clean the basket weaves or spokes. Then...