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  1. Jahan

    Seat Rail

    My passenger side seat rail was lost in upholstery shop. Does any one know if seat rail from other BMW models work with the original 1972 passenger side seat?
  2. Jahan

    WTB Seat Rail

    Need a set of seat rail for original Coupe passenger seat.
  3. Jahan

    WTB: Passenger Side Seat Rail

    does anyone has passenger side seat rail for sale?
  4. Jahan

    Want to buy

    Upolstry shop lost my front passenger side seat rails . Does any one have a set for sale? Thanks
  5. Jahan

    Seat Chrome Strip

    I sent mine which were really bad to a shop in Michigan and they came back close to new condition. Let me know if you need the info Jahan
  6. Jahan

    Trim Question

    does anyone know where this trim is on the E9?
  7. Jahan

    E9 Light Bulbs

    Is there is list of all light bulbs interior & exterior with their type & wattage? Also does anyone know of matching LED bulbs for instrument cluster & the rest? Thanks
  8. Jahan

    Water Pump Pulley Diameter

    I bought 11511706781 as a 130mm Diameter water pump pulley. The outside diameter is 143mm & the inside is 112mm. When a pulley diameter is indicated, is it the diameter of the belt along the belt center line? I want to make sure I got the right one!
  9. Jahan

    Paint Color Plate

    I bought mine from CS-Werk in Germany. Thanks for all replies.
  10. Jahan

    Paint Color Plate

    I believe the second ( lower ) line is for the paint # ( 42 for Baikal). What should should the first ( Upper ) line indicate? does anyone know? Thanks
  11. Jahan

    Coupe PS Pump

    Thanks a lot. Which PS pump is in the picture, original CS or a later style?
  12. Jahan

    Coupe PS Pump

    Thanks of the info. How about the door panels are they custom made?
  13. Jahan

    Coupe PS Pump

    I am running the power steering pump directly from the crank pulley. with the newer braced it is much easier to adjust, tighten & replace the belts. I jus saw the Interior 7 Downtown LA photoshoot. Very nice . What color is the interior. where were the seat covers bought from ?I like to do the...
  14. Jahan

    Paint Color Plate

    Hi: I need a picture of a small square paint color plate on the lower driver door body frame for Baikal 042. I have a new blank plate but I need to see the font. Thanks
  15. Jahan

    trunk badge "3.5" available again

    Do you still have one?
  16. Jahan

    Coupe PS Pump

    I am tying to use the newer bracket 12311708343 on my 3.5 engine (1985 Block with CSI head) for both Alternator & Power Steering pump. When using the original coup PS pump, the PS pulley and Crank Pulley do not line up. I was told to use a later PS Pump. Does anyone know which pump I should use?
  17. Jahan

    VIN Plate

    Got it . Thanks.
  18. Jahan

    3.5 Trunk Emblem

    OK. great. Please let me know. Thanks
  19. Jahan

    VIN Plate

    So The VIN plate for all CS & CSIs has CS on it RIGHT? Are the weight numbers different? 1750, 900 & 900 Kg are for CSI? Thanks
  20. Jahan

    VIN Plate

    Thanks. Would it be the same for a Euro CSI?