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  1. Gary Knox

    Selling my '51 GMC... eBay was a bust

    Congrats Dan. I know the feeling as the vehicle is driven away (last one was a Porsche 928 GTS that went to Oregon, before that a MB 560 SEC that went to Maine). I think the truck needs a personal license plate that states: PATINA Cheers, and hope the withdrawal symptoms will ease with...
  2. Gary Knox

    Any Pagoda owners here?

    Had one in the '80's. Rusted just like my '73 e9. Beautiful to look at, less fun to drive, in my opinion. Gary
  3. Gary Knox

    4310316 begins

    SUPERB news Alan. Can't wait to hear more as you dig into it. Gary
  4. Gary Knox

    74 Window Mechanics

    Jay, Those rubber bump stops should be there. Time to install new ones! I was able to clean my door mechanism and tracks fairly well 'in situ' by using quite a bit of Brake Cleaner spray (lots of paper towels in the bottom of the door to absorb the gunk and cleaner), then applying some...
  5. Gary Knox

    1973 AC conversion Compressor Issue

    Since the rotary compressors don't vibrate and bounce up and down like the York piston compressors, the mount can be hard mounted to the block. Those bushings partially dampened the vibrating York (remember that vibration well on my '73 back in the late 70's). Gary
  6. Gary Knox

    Hagerty on CS value increase

    The first book my Statistics prof suggested we read back in the '50's was: How to Lie with Statistics. Still done every day, and I agree, minimal if any difference between the 2800 and 3.0 versions in comparable condition - to me. Do I represent every potential buyer?? Gary--
  7. Gary Knox

    Something rattling in the left front of the car.

    Bo, I had the same rattling noise at the right rear of my car when I bought it. PO said it was in the muffler system. I could not reproduce it via any method when the car was parked or on a lift. Turned out the nut on the top of the right rear shock absorber was loose. But tightening...
  8. Gary Knox

    1973 AC conversion Compressor Issue

    My Sanden compressor is a 510. The double groove pulley is quite close to the radiator hose as well. But, there is at least 1/4" clearance, and that has not been a problem. Gary
  9. Gary Knox

    Koni struts, shocks SOLD

    email being sent to you Al, Need verification of your PayPal account name (either by return email, or by a Conversation here). Gary-
  10. Gary Knox

    Koni struts, shocks SOLD

    Mark, Koni has an in -house shop in KY that rebuilds their shocks. Conversation started with Al. Second dibs! Gary
  11. Gary Knox

    Chrome polish product recommendation

    Drew, I am nearly finished de-anodizing and polishing my windshield trim. It looked terrible, now it is nearly as shiny as the chrome rain gutter beside it, and the front quarter window trim. IF interested, I'll forward you a write-up on what I did, along with pictures of the process. Send...
  12. Gary Knox

    E9 NOS Panels

    Ah yes, isn't there a fairly well known e9 restoration shop in Budapest? Congrats on a clean and prompt sale. Gary
  13. Gary Knox

    My Baby is done... Thanks for all your help!!!!

    In my opinion, if I hit someone who 'suddenly stops', I'm at fault for following too closely, AND careless driving. Try that one on the 'cop and hitter' for size! Gary- PS: Oh Yes - also, in my opinion, there is no such thing as an 'accident' involving damage to my car unless a tree...
  14. Gary Knox

    My Baby is done... Thanks for all your help!!!!

    Sorry to see the damage. Yep, worse than just a bumper bump. That area is a vulnerable one on the e9's. Gary-
  15. Gary Knox

    QUESTION FOR THE GROUP - Regional forums? - ANSWERED!

    I fully agree. It seems to me the community is not large enough in terms of members to split it into regions. Love hearing from all the members of various countries as well as around the whole USA. Gary
  16. Gary Knox

    WTB: Dash Parts and '75 Rear Arm Rests

    A.C. Yes,I have a grab rail as well. BUT, it has an issue in the area where the passenger side glove box button is located. IF you'll send me your direct email address via a 'conversation', I'll get some pix of both items to you. Cheers, Gary---
  17. Gary Knox

    WTB: Dash Parts and '75 Rear Arm Rests

    A C, I have the brushed aluminum/chrome trim piece that snaps into the dash grab rail. Almost perfect condition, one very small 'smudge'. Keep me in mind if you find a grab rail without the trim. Now that I think about it I may also have the grab rail. I'll check that out later this...
  18. Gary Knox

    opinion on lifts

    Stephen, To be a bit more specific, the Quality lift I have is the clear floor/overhead crossbar. I have a 'cutout' in the ceiling where the posts and crossbar go up through the ceiling (between two 12" joists. I then framed above it and insulated it as well on top and both sides/ends with...
  19. Gary Knox

    CSL Shockie specs

    Koni has an 'in-house' shop in Kentucky that rebuilds or modifies their shocks. I had a set of stock internally adjustable Konis modified to be externally adjustable for my Porsche 928 S4. I drove the car to and from a lot of race tracks, and wanted a comfortable ride on highways, and the...
  20. Gary Knox

    Chrome polish product recommendation

    I don't usually recommend products unless I am nearly overwhelmed by their performance. That IS the case regarding a new cleaner/polish for Chrome, Aluminum and possibly other metals that I began using this winter. Product name is "Killer Chrome", produced by Surf City Garage. I've used at...