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  1. oneills

    71 CSi Project in BaT

    Terrific guys. This is like two surgeons, Dr. Mark and Dr. Jay, debating about a patient in hospice with bone cancer that has matastasized to every organ in the poor devil's body. To paraphrase Dr. Jay, "I still don't see this patient having any chance of living unless there are Star Trek like...
  2. oneills

    E9 for Sale

    Imagine the tool kit! Of course no photos of it or much else.
  3. oneills

    Craigslist BMW Finds:

    The Euro bumpers are kind of a cross between a 2002's and a coupes. Well, sort of.
  4. oneills

    Hardy and Beck headers SOLD

    So does this mean that my set of Stahl headers would have an asking price of $1,000? Is the Stahl tag in a similar location?
  5. oneills

    BAT 1970 BMW 2800CS 5-Speed Baikal Blue over a red leather

    Did the console and the armrests but missed the ashtrays. Leonine99 says it all above. Was that a factory combo?
  6. oneills

    New Member SF California

    Bruce, welcome. Photos!!! We actually drive our cars. Your wagon, and most other "modern" cars drive themselves. How boring!! My best thumbs up: Pulled up to a stop sign at a "T" with an outdoor restaurant tables facing me. A quiet small town in NJ. A guy stood up and applauded. Steve
  7. oneills

    Rarest of the Rare, absolutely delicious rare objects for wolkswagen cars

    My solution to the heating problem(in 1963 I lived in frigid Pittsburgh, PA) was not a Steely. It was the auxiliary heater for the Bus that my mechanic installed in my Beetle. Gasoline powered, it heated the cabin to a toasty 85 in 0-15 seconds. Heater was mounted in the trunk in front right...
  8. oneills

    My Baby is done... Thanks for all your help!!!!

    Gary, right, and isn't "Following too Closely" a ticketable offense at least in PA? How do you classify the runaway shopping cart and who is liable? The person who left it(now long gone), the store to whom the cart belongs for lack of timely pickup. This may be one for SCOTUS. But then again...
  9. oneills

    My Baby is done... Thanks for all your help!!!!

    What dribble. I "suddenly stop" for a four year old on a tricycle that "suddenly appears" in front of me and I am at fault!!! Maybe the guy was the cop's cousin.
  10. oneills

    My Baby is done... Thanks for all your help!!!!

    Many years ago I hit a deer, common in my part of PA. I didn't see that much when I looked. When the insurance adjuster looked he said, hmmm, look at this, and this, and this and …. Interesting. Scott, you have taught us a valuable lesson. Thanks.
  11. oneills

    My Baby is done... Thanks for all your help!!!!

    In PA the driver who hits a car from behind, like in your situation Scott, is automatically at fault. Period, end. Planning ahead, if I am in any kind of accident I will not move my car and immediately take dozens of photos. Even if I am at fault. And yes, call the police. And if you live in a...
  12. oneills

    Saw a 73 for sale in Malibu

    Welcome Braveheart!
  13. oneills

    over the new image of the forum

    PS: The title of your post is insulting. So there, I said it.
  14. oneills

    over the new image of the forum

    d'Q, Dan and Mark put untold hours into this forum. For free, nada, nothing!! I have no problems whatsoever with the new format. And even if I did, I would post a more diplomatic post perhaps, only perhaps, including some constructive changes that the admins MIGHT want to consider after all...
  15. oneills

    BAT 1973 BMW 3.0CS 5-Speed

    The conversation on BAT about people taking photos of their coupes but not their - fill in the blank with any other classic is really interesting.
  16. oneills

    Craigslist BMW Finds:

    The craig's list post is a must read for its honesty and sense of humor.
  17. oneills

    Craigslist BMW Finds:

    Jay's photo, good laugh there, kind of sums up our collective "illness" "malady" and why we need an autotherapist.
  18. oneills

    first personal flair

    Translations please?
  19. oneills

    What does the center muffler do?

    My solution to highway drone: a five speed.
  20. oneills

    new member

    Welcome. We all wish you lived close to each of us. You have certainly been around. Lucky guy!