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  1. Keshav

    Triple Webers and brake booster fit? Very well known for Weber carbs.......
  2. Keshav

    Any Pagoda owners here?

    :) That’s pretty much the same today.......
  3. Keshav

    Any Pagoda owners here?

    Hi Rob, I have a 230SL/ 1966 but I’d advise you to read up on Motoring investments guide to buying a Pagoda. That shop has about the nicest Pagoda’s over the decades. Keshav
  4. Keshav

    Sealed the dreaded gravel trap!

    That seal is infact very important. All the water that enters thru the chrome grills in the hood gets forced into the cavity where rust builds above the fuse box and on the opposite side too, the glove box. We all look in there to see the extent of corrosion as a tell tale sign of major rust...
  5. Keshav

    WTB: Shifter boot Leather in Black

    Chris at cs-werke has them new....
  6. Keshav

    Gauges out, Speedo repaired

    Some special plexiglass polish would make a big difference.... but in pics it possibly looks more scratched than in real.
  7. Keshav

    Gauges out, Speedo repaired

    The clock ‘glass’ is infact plexiglass and prone to scratch, more so due to regular time adjustment..... which is why it looks comparatively dull. The other 3 instruments are glass.
  8. Keshav

    FS: Windsplit decals

    Thanks to all of you for your kind words....
  9. Keshav

    FS: Windsplit decals

    Hello all, I had quite a few sets of windsplit decals made from Mo Faraz a while ago. Csl Fanaticism has no limits....... special ink and adhesive! A member just asked for a pair and I remembered I have some sets left.... and yes, all the w’splits had these decals when new. I went a step further...
  10. Keshav

    FS: Coupeking Staggered "Alpinas" - EUROPE

    On the right of the donations icon (green) , you see your profile. Click on that and then on Account details where you’ll find your location....edit that to reflect your city and country. And whilst you are there, you could also add a pic to your profile (Avatar) if you like.... Keshav
  11. Keshav

    Also WTB a new trunk (boot) carpet

    Hi Mal, If there are no tell tail signs like the screw holes (3) on the right ride gas tank cover board, then most likely you didn’t have the box, but this should be clarified by the long time Csl owners in the UK. If the holes are visible then the box got lost along the way but can be bought...
  12. Keshav

    FS: Coupeking Staggered "Alpinas" - EUROPE

    Sure helps when members are clearer in their profile as to where they are located. I too thought of Rochester, NY!
  13. Keshav

    Feedback on @daddywad

    My Csl shop bought an Alu hood from Mark/ @daddywad. The hood arrived in a 50kg wooden crate, perfectly packed and fits like a glove. My shop guy is very particular and demanding and having his approval guarantees satisfaction to anyone who is contemplating buying and awaiting some feedback...
  14. Keshav

    Instrument Gauge LED Lights

    @Stevehose can recommend some high quality regular bulbs for the rear lights, number plates and interior lights. I did the heat resistant chrome tape job too, very effective.
  15. Keshav

    FS Overflow Tank (plastic)

    Hi all, A brand new W/N plastic overflow tank with cap. 60€ plus shipping. Pm if interested Thanks Keshav
  16. Keshav

    FS 5 Slat Kidney *SOLD*

    Hi all, I would like to offer this 5 slat kidney in very good condition. It’s not new and has some ‘minor discrepancies’ but all in all, a very nice 5 slat silver grill. One post is broken though. The dents look far more pronounced in the pics than in real...was my object to insure every spot is...
  17. Keshav

    What did you do to your E9 today?

    Pics please.....
  18. Keshav

    Also WTB a new trunk (boot) carpet

    Another NMNA trunk carpet vendor. First time I’m seeing an offer for 3 kinds, with small, large and NO box (Csl owners....) But only two colors...
  19. Keshav

    Where Can I Buy E9 Hood Insulation?

    Hello All, Came across this today.. NMNA. Google translation BMW 3 Series E9 - self-adhesive insulating mats bonnet. The finished blank that sticks by itself! You NEED NO! Spray...
  20. Keshav

    Red Koni Shocks

    Hey all, NMNA. Complete set of new adjustable Koni shocks. The seller might be a German forum member, I can help if need be. Keshav