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  1. Peter Coomaraswamy

    headliner - material and reuse

    Hi Mark, I just finished installing a headliner in a 1974 sunroof coupe. Actually quite easy. Ask SF Don for the material and send me a PM if you need help. Again, it's easy but you will need patience, and a bit of trim has to come off the car.
  2. Peter Coomaraswamy

    E9 for Sale

    Needs only "light restoration", what the heck is light restoration?? It looks like the driver-side fender is about to fall off. -Well, at least it does have the dual headrests and the solid wheels, thank goodness for that!
  3. Peter Coomaraswamy


    OK, so not only is that an absolutely bad-a$$ e3 (I'm thinking 3.0si with 4-speed) but reading the ad requires the intelligence most millennial college graduates would not possess. I mean they are explaining the philosophy of a proper automobile, could you see someone doing that today; it would...
  4. Peter Coomaraswamy

    new member

    I like the land cruiser in the background... BMW rescue vehicle :)
  5. Peter Coomaraswamy

    Selling my '51 GMC... eBay was a bust

    If I had a truck like the red one, I'd get a personalized plate that reads "OLD PAINT" and drive whenever my e9 was not in service (no comments please)! That is an absolutely cool ride exactly the way it is!!! Maybe put a Johnny Cash sticker in the rear window :cool:
  6. Peter Coomaraswamy

    Hagerty on CS value increase

    They are still way off on the valuation IMO; an e9 in "excellent" condition regardless of it being a 3.0 or 2800 cs is well over 100K as we have all seen from the BAT auctions. They have the CSL pegged at 300K, which is a little high I think. Markos, there is a great book out there called...
  7. Peter Coomaraswamy

    Dash and more

    Alice, If you're not going completely original then I think you can go where you want with the interior as long as it's simple and well made. In my opinion and from my experience the closer you make things to the original the better they fit and look but there is lots of room in that statement...
  8. Peter Coomaraswamy

    Saw a 73 for sale in Malibu

    Awesome!! good job- I know a couple forum members who probably would have liked a shot at that car!! Please let us know the structural condition when you have time to inspect her! Thanks and welcome!!
  9. Peter Coomaraswamy

    1972 BMW 3.0CS 3.5L 5-Speed BAT Fjord Blue

    That's going over 80K for sure
  10. Peter Coomaraswamy

    first personal flair

    I may move it to the e9 but I thought it might be fun on the 4 runner
  11. Peter Coomaraswamy

    Alpina replicas

    I have those :) They are round and hold air. I have nothing negative to say about the product and even though they ship from the USA they are made just off the Ho Chi Min trail.
  12. Peter Coomaraswamy

    FS or trade: CSI & 3.0 Badge

    Gary, that is a rather very nice engine I like it very much!!!!!
  13. Peter Coomaraswamy

    Which color blue is this?

    Looks non factory but others may know better
  14. Peter Coomaraswamy

    '74 E9 Carpet installation question

    I have a canvas template I made with exact measurements for a 1972- if you think it will help just let me know- pay for shipping to you and back to me- I made the template(s) in case we ever found the correct carpet. Chris M could tell for sure but I think the 1974 was a 1-piece carpet and...
  15. Peter Coomaraswamy

    1969 2800 E3 - Bringing The Turd back to life!

    I'm thinking 1 more and i'm good!
  16. Peter Coomaraswamy

    Plastic Seal between front fender and rocker

    Just let me know if you need a piece- I can spare 1 foot
  17. Peter Coomaraswamy

    Antifreeze question

    For what it's worth; BMW coolant in 1990's cars and up and Prestone type for all earlier.
  18. Peter Coomaraswamy

    1969 2800 E3 - Bringing The Turd back to life!

    I wish my e3 was that clean! I'm actually moving the tundra coupe into the penned in area at work so I can finish up the blue coupe and I may try to do a simultaneous rebuild of my e3 and the tundra, it will be like shooting heroin and cocaine at the same time. Hopefully I won't end up like...
  19. Peter Coomaraswamy

    Plastic Seal between front fender and rocker

    #11 does not look right but it might be. Please measure the exact amount needed, I think I can spare enough for 1 side.
  20. Peter Coomaraswamy

    Has anyone ever used for upholstery?

    We need them to make e9 seat covers!!!